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What I Learned From Paulina Porizkova…

September 10th, 2015


and the NEW Game-Changer, RxGenesys, which is Celebrity-approved.

I met Paulina Porizkova at the recent launch of RXGenesys skincare collection. She is the new face of the four-step system, that is based on Stem Cell rejuvenation. But first let me backup, because for me it was more than a a beautiful face with a brand. Since I was very young, probably early teens, I was literally obsessed with Paulina. Not in a weird way, as I mentioned to Paulina, she laughed, and said "I wouldn't think that at all." We were near the same age, and she was known simply as PAULINA, the Czechoslovakia supermodel. In my eyes, her beauty far exceeded Cindy Crawford's, and I loved everything about her, especially her hair. I'm sure you can relate, there is always one beautiful person you admire in your youth, well she was one of them, right up there with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lauren Bacall. I would constantly tear out photos of her hair, praying with every visit to my stylist they could mirror her look to mine. In dreams, but the hope was always there. So, you can only imagine my excitement to meet her.

Switch back to the launch last month, and being slightly nervous, running through conversations I would have with her, without sounding corny, questions I would ask her. Well, once I sat down next to her, and she welcomed me with her beautiful smile, all that faded. I immediately felt like I was sitting down next to my best friend. She was so very sweet and down to earth, and of course beautiful--- just like I imagined her to be. She immediately made me laugh by sharing "I'm a product whore" and love to try everything. Her biggest pet peeve: Products are super expensive, and then you have to spend even more money on an eye cream. "I never understood this logic," Paulina shared, "I feel this is completely wrong, if a skin cream isn't recommended to go around your eyes, why should it go on your face." This is one of the reasons she loves RxGenesys, its a system that works, is affordable and can go around the eyes.
There are four-products in the line, and Dr. Gibson, the doctor behind this first stem cell extract line, is so excited with the test results and testimonials he has received from Paulina and everyday women. This serious skincare simplifies your routine and combines patented stem cell technology with traditional good-for-skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid. The result is younger, more radiant and moisturized skin thanks to the cleanser, moisturizer, renewal cream and revitalizing serum. Everyone is loving the RXIlluminator, and Dr. Gibson shared, "to achieve the 'RXGlow' apply the product in an upward direction, and be a rebel and apply the moisturizer first, since it is quickly absorbed followed by the serum". But he also shares, the same results will be seen by using the traditional method too.

And Paulina hasn't had any work done or dabbled with BOTOX! She has admitted that she is "curious about all of it, because I haven't done any of it. I think Botox looks awful. My girlfriends will do it and they'll walk in, and all of a sudden their foreheads are frozen." This is another reason to love her! She is so comfortable being Paulina, and it shows.

Paulina shared, "Confidence is the sexist thing in a woman, and when your skin is glowing with your hair in a bun that's beauty, along with using RxGenesys, which you will see results in two weeks!"

imageShe was truly a delight to meet, and my hairstyle obsession has matured into conversations such as how I spotted her while vacationing in St. Barth's at the same time, same resort, we have Rocker husbands (her's is more worldly known) and we have two sons.



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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow