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June 2nd, 2010


DDF puts a new spin on skin improvement. 

imageThe in-office procedure of microdermabrasion has always been on my wishlist, since my acne-scarred skin could have surely benefited from it when I was younger. The recovery time along with the post-scabbing worried me despite the benefits so I always nixed it.

Thankfully my days of acne are over, but a new chapter has begun- "the war against wrinkles". And along with guaranteed rules to help achieve a glowing, healthy complexion I cannot stress the importance of exfoliation, exfoliation and exfoliation- I stress the importance of this just as much as the use of retinol products.

Microdermabrasion has taken on new meaning along with technology advancements, thanks to DDF. Their new device claims to be more effective than the pricey professional-grade results. DDF wants you to polish away imperfections with new skin perfecting Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System- right in your own home. The new system offers benefits that significantly outweigh the risks and help in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen, and improve acne and skin texture. I gladly picked up this neat new skin-resurfacing device and put it to the test.

Once I figured out how to install the batteries, it was easy to use. After cleansing my skin, I left it moist and applied the DDF Polishing Crystals, made of sodium bicarbonate, which warm up on your skin and feels very nice. (FYI: Other products use harsh crystals, such as aluminum oxide or diamonds.) I turned on the Revolve 400X and was on my way to experience a long overdue treatment. Starting first on my forehead I moved it in a slight circular motion to the right and strategically planned the course so I would end up back on the left side of my forehead. My skin looked a little red, and I admit nervousness set in, but the redness was mostly due to the massage during the process. It never got any worse and slowly subsided within minutes. The process felt spa-like and nonintrusive, but while the device moves along the skin it does distort it in funny ways so beware for a little laughter. The whole process takes about a minute, but I will confess taking another minute to massage my neck and decolletage area. After all, this area needs to also fight anti-aging.

The result? After only the first treatment my skin couldn't feel softer, it glowed and looked clear. After the second, it remained just as glowing and I am told that skin tone evenness continues to improve along with increase in radiance and brightness. SOLD!

Here are a few tips on what you SHOULDN'T DO:
-Avoid the hairline- I wish it came with a professional white terry headband; instead I opted to pull my hair back in a towel to avoid any hair tangling
-Don't try to speed things up and use another exfoliating product or spend more than the recommended minute
-Don't over use- Experiment to figure out how often you need to do it- once or twice a week should be sufficient

And here's what you SHOULD DO:
-Wear sunscreen- your skin is more sensitive
-Use it regularly
-ENJOY your new perfected complexion

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This post is sponsored by DDF and the product was supplied to MBB for review. The information included is my personal opinion.


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