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These NEW Skin Care Products Are A GODSEND

May 5th, 2016


~  When things looked blue, StriVectin pulled through for me!

Sorry for the lapse in posts, but I was dealing with my son's medical emergency. A friend said it best, when you have a child who is sick or injured it just consumes you, and you too become all stressed knowing they are not 100%. Well, thankfully he is on the mend, my life is getting back to normal and I am catching up with my dearest MBB readers. A situation like this definitely ages one, but I was so lucky to have just been introduced to the new StriVectin Multi-Tasking Anti-Aging Line. Sleep deprivation, worry and 24-hr concern were written all over my skin, but these FOUR products were AMAZING and helped camouflage the magnitude of distress I was undergoing.

This one says it all, and move over 7 Signs of Aging, you have met your match. Meet StriVectin Muulti-Action Restorative Cream, which targets 12 Signs of Aging! The texture has a whipped-like feel, and absorbs into the skin. It leaves skin looking a little more matte than I would like, but I am a rarity, as I like to glow. It is formulated with StriVectin's patented NIA-114--along with its breakthrough Complex, this cream isn't kidding, it simply leaves it beautiful! BUT, what you are really going to love are the next two that work their hardest while you are sleeping.
I say this all the time, nighttime is your friend, but when you aren't sleeping, your products can still help work effectively for you, which these did.
StriVectin's Overnight Resurfacing Concentrate and Overnight Replenishing Moisture Mask are a dynamic duo! The concentrate is formulated with a complex of five powerful enzymes, and gently removes dead surface cells and promotes skin renewal for improved texture and clarity. Patented NIA-114™ technology helps strengthen the skin barrier, while delivery of moisture throughout the night leaves skin soft, supple and hydrated. Now, add the overnight mask to that, and you have ONE glowing complexion when you wake up in the morning. This product is INTENSE and delivers! It absorbs within minutes and won’t rub off on pillowcase. When I awake in the morning my skin is glowing, if I am heading straight to my barre class I don't even wash my skin, I save that until when I come home.

The past month has been very difficult, and looking good was the farthest thought from my mind, but I am so happy StriVectin stepped in to do all the work for me, and kept my skin in top form even when my I wasn't feeling my best.



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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow