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September 20th, 2006


Red tea is the new leaf in town, so get it while it’s steeping hot.

imageMove over black, white and green, red tea is quickly becoming the ingredient of the moment. Red tea is from South Africa and is known as rooibos or red bush tea. It is said to be the magic tea leaf because it works wonders to soothe stomach aches, mild depression, allergic symptoms, and contains a powerful punch of antioxidants.

My Beautyberry went right to the source to find out just how "wonderful" this tea really is. Nira Levy Maslin has worked over six years to grow and harvest the rooibos correctly. She is co-owner of African Red Tea Imports, a tea house specializing in red tea. Nira's business takes pride in producing the finest quality rooibos tea available. "We only use the top cut of the plant when it is green before the fermenation process. This way it does not lose any of the enzymes and healing properties." [Nira's tip: Boil the tea for longer than 10 minutes to increase the antioxidant activity.]

image Nira's favorite is the Beauty Bar Rooibos Soap which is handmade using the rooibos extract with pure essential oils. It helps clear up acne, soothes skin rashes and keeps skin looking at its optimum best.

Just how good is it?

Red tea has more antioxidants than green tea (up to 50% more!) and because of its concentrated powder extract; it contains alpha-hydroxy acid and zinc that is extremely beneficial to promote healthier skin. It is also an outstanding source of antioxidants, a prime fighter of free radicals, which is a known cause of aging and cancer. It is a great cell stimulator and has an amazing ability to calm and soothe the skin; perfect for those who are skin-sensitive and prone to rosacea and acne.

Check out some red-hot products that are enriched with red tea ingredients...

imageJason Red Elements has launched a whole skin-care line based on a blend of red tea and earth elements.

imageOle Henriksen's Express the Truth face cream calms and protects the skin with its powerful antioxidants.

Nature's Gate Organics Fruit Blend shampoo contains an exotic blend of asian pear and red tea.

image Terranova Red Tea offers the perfect brew for your bath and a great scent to match called Red Tea and Coco Blossom. image

And mom's listen up... because it's such a wonderful "calming" product, it is said to work wonders for colicky babies with tummy trouble, relieves symptoms of allergies, hay fever, and asthma and as a topical preparation, it helps cure skin irritation like itchy skin, eczema and diaper rash. Children should consider trading in ice tea for red tea because it helps build strong bones and teeth, due to its calcium, magnesium and flouride richness.

imageAnd the list continues...Red Tea is completely pure and natural and contains no caffeine! It is a great mental stabilizer and energizer. Nira summed it up beautifully, "I feel it cleanses and purifies my body and when I leave home I feel very clear, full of energy and focused."

A balanced mind, more energy, sounds pretty good. Tea time anyone?

To contact Nira Levy Maslin go to African Red Tea Imports.


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