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November 1st, 2006


Plant-based oils are the secret richness for youthful glowing skin.

imageA few months ago, I began using Organic Pharmacy's Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil, as recommended from a reputable NY-based apothecary pharmacist. Yes, it is an 'oil' (reference is being made to plant-based oils only) and if you are reluctant to use an oil on your face, please listen up. I thought the same until I tried Rosehip oil which totally changed my mind. Hence, the reason for writing this Beautyflash. Since then, I've experimented with plant-based oils and the results are wonderfully AM skin radiated, puffy eyes were hardly noticeable and the clarity of my skin tone looked even and smooth. Any skin type can benefit from it, especially sun-damaged, scarred or sensitive complexions. Product recommendations will follow (some secret finds were definitely discovered!), but first a little background as to why face oils are so wonderful.

Long gone is the myth that face oils make the skin greasy or cause breakouts (mineral oils have a greater chance of doing this but not plant-based oil). Moisturizers, due to the complexity of the formulation, have a greater chance of causing a breakout, a skin reaction, or clogged pores. Think of it this way, if one was to breakdown oil, you would find that the structure is much simpler. Plant-based oils tend to have fewer ingredients than your everyday moisturizer. They are also known as top quality oils and contain naturally occurring vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and other skin quenchers. Think of the oil as a face nourisher, because that is what it does. Oils are intensely nourishing and gentle enough for most skins.

Apply a pea-size drop on clean skin. Sometimes the directions call for skin to still be damp, so be sure to check. Massage well into the skin. The massaging action will really help rejuvenate the skin. You will be so surprised at how quickly it's absorbed. No greasy look, skin looks alive, revitalized and plumped. Oils are most effectively used on their own at night. For day, try wearing a little under your daytime moisturizer or save it for only an evening skin treatment.

imageThere are a number of plant-based oils out there; however, starting with one of the greatest finds, also known as the 'miracle oil', is Trilogy's Rosehip Oil. It is considered an 'anti-aging fighter' and has long been used for anti-scarring properties, but it does so much more. It accelerates cellular growth, bringing hydration and vitality to the skin by boosting collagen levels. It helps diminish pigmentation and contains the nutrients and essential fatty acids that are vital for perfect skin health. Trilogy is one of those secret finds that is a must to try. It makes the claim 100% Pure Rosehip Oil.

imageA lavender-infused oil is good for sensitive skin. Try , Amanda Lacey Oils of Provence which is an excellent remedy for delicate skins to reduce redness and relieve irritation. Currently, it can only be purchased in the U.K. Also good for dry sensitive skin is Suki Facial Moisture Serum.

Rich in antioxidants, 'grapes' are the popular skin care ingredient of the moment. It only seems natural to recommend a grape seed oil like Primavera Pure Grape Seed Oil that is also rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, leaving skin supple, smooth and protected.

imageTea Tree oil, like the one from The Body Shop is great to soothe blemished skin. Just dab directly onto skin at first sign of a blemish. A tip shared by Gucci Westman, International creative director of Lancome,is to add a few drops of this to hot water, steam your face for a few minutes, rinse with cold water for a rejuvenated look.

imageFor extremely dry skin try this nighttime treasure...Sundari's Nighttime Nourishing Oil. It is a powerful combination of precious oils blended to revive fatigued and mature skins.

All these plant-based oils are recommended for all-year use so enjoy the beauty of nature. For an extra boost, add a drop or two to your evening moisturizer.

If you're like me, I tend to 'save' all my favorite products and use them sparingly. The outcome, I rarely use them. Don't do that with these oils. Use them up to obtain full benefits, as the oils do have a shelf life of approximately six months to one year.

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