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Shaka, Shaka

May 25th, 2011


Sunscreen with dance appeal.

imageI bet you didn't know that shaka, shaka is the nickname for the infamous sunscreen, La Roche-Posay Anthelios fluid sunscreen. When you shake the bottle, the beads sound off a pleasing to the ear beat that get your hips moving. The Japanese lab, which was responsible for its first production, coined this name due to the small ball bearing mixers inside that help emulsify the fluid.

Many beauty insiders may also know this line as the cult-favorite sunscreen once available only to those who traveled to the exotic trend resorts in St. Tropez and Ibizia. It launched in the states in 2006, and quickly grew to become everyone's favorite line of defense. The line is now available in various SPF levels and breakthrough ingredients. The newest shaka shaka to join the group is Anthelios 50 Mineral. It offers 100% mineral UV protection and is definitely lightweight formulation . Thankfully, it doesn't have that whitening texture that can leave skin masky and ghoulish. It contains no PABA, parabens, or fragrance and offers a very high UVA and UVB fighters. Its water-resistant formula allows you to paddle around the water safely!

So this weekend, whether you are on the beach, at a barbecue or just simply enjoying your time outdoors, listen to the beat around you, you'll be surprised how many people have their shaka shaka on!

imageI almost forgot mention this exciting new app... "My UV Check" iPhone App uses location-based services to assess the strength of sun rays, which makes choosing the correct SPF factor simple and easy. My UV Check is the first app on the market that measures both the UVA and UVB index and it can be downloaded for free through the iphone app store. It's just as convenient as getting your local weather updates hourly.

Have fun!


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