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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

March 30th, 2011


Algenist line. 

imageSounds rather sci-fi, but some brainy scientist took a deep dive to make this new discovery to save out skin.

Algenist, an antiging breakthrough available at Sephora, claims to repair our middle-age skin.

It won my attention for two reasons... it contains algae and surpasses retinol's benefits in cellular rejuvenation.

Algae has to survive deep below the sea in very harsh environments. Allison Slater, the vp for retail marketing at Sephora, says, "Think about how algae can live anywhere, live in the coldest of places, or the harshest of places, and think about translating that to skin care." In fact, she shared with me at a recent press event, "This is the biggest launch ever--- Sephora is introducing the line in 800 locations in 8 countries all at once." Do you think Sephora would back up Algenist if they didn't believe in it? QVC launched the line this past Friday and it sold out in under 8 minutes- impressive.

imageRegarding retinol, one of my favorite ingredients and the only proven antiage fighter, Algenist findings touts alguronic acid's superiority to hyaluronic acid, retinol and vitamin C, among other anti-aging ingredients, in encouraging elastin synthesis and cell regeneration. There have been some speculation that the final data doesn't show a complete picture, since the testing took place in vitro, but the real test will come when consumers try the product and see its benefis. For me, I have been using the line for over two weeks, and already see inprovement in my skin's suppleness- my skin retains moisture throughtout the day and the radiance has definitely improved.

The star ingredient- alguronic acid, a compound that protects microalgae cells- could also protect our skin from the harmful effects from the environment. Because algae survives in some of the worst conditions, think about how it has to have its own powerful protection from UV rays.

Alguronic acid is in each one of Algenist's four-piece collection, which includes a serum, cream, eye balm, and SPF 20 day cream. The only thing missing from the line is an intensive moisture mask.

If this line promises to give my skin a snap back youthful quality, it's worthy.

Above product image courtesy of NYTimes.


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—Gwyneth Paltrow