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Reversal of Fortune

October 7th, 2009


Avon’s approach to fighting wrinkles.

imageSome people's good fortune is monetary, for others it is pure luck, and for some their soul is full of happiness. And when it comes to personal attributes, like healthy skin, great hair, or a fast metabolism, the fortunate ones give praise to great genes.

Though, you can't change your human genome (or at least not yet!) or reclaim your skin's original baby-like complexion, you can try to turn back the hands of time with Avon's Anew Reversalist. An expert in many areas, Avon's latest pioneer breakthrough discovery is to reactivate the skin's repair process.

The technology: Activinol.

What it does: Avon scientists discovered how to activate and boost Activin, the key repair molecule found in our skin.

How it works: When you get a cut, it triggers the production of Activin to increase the ability to repair, recreate fresh, new skin. Wrinkles are actually a result of micro-injuries to the skin, and can heal itself with the help of Activin.

As the saying goes, time heals all wounds, now Avon has found a way to repair these wounds to help keep our skin supple and youthful. Afterward, your friends will swear you are looking younger these days.
However, we can't promise they'll say that about the rest of you.

Avon's Anew Reversalist Night Renewal Cream is available for $32, while the Renewal Serum, which contains higher levels of Activinol Technology is $44. (Recommend both products in tandem at night, since studies showed the Serum boost the Night Cream to recreate fresh, new skin 20% faster.) This power duo is currently running a special on

The new line is airing now, and features Yasmin Le Bon, the 44-yr old wife of Simon Le Bon- Duran Duran's lead singer.


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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow