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I Don’t Mean to Prai…

January 13th, 2010


But did I hear you mention a new skincare line?

Friends will invite the interruption, when you share the secret to your radiant looking skin. In fact they will welcome the news, because many are unaware of this ultra-luxe line, Prai Beauty. It's notably known for its use of the precious PRAI Root Essence, which is a botanical native to central Thailand. Even Thai Royalty was a big fan of this essence, which promotes radiance, rejuvenation and smoothness to the skin.

imageSome products like the best-seller in the line -24k Golden Caviar- also offer the ultra-luxe ingredient caviar. The result? These skin-saving products go deep, diminishing signs of aging and adding firming properties to restore a youthful complexion.

imageBy tomorrow the secret will be out. At last: Prai Beauty (already a UK and Australia favorite) expands and exclusively debuts on HSN. Prai Beauty has shared some of their prelaunch favorites, which are receiving overwhelming responses on HSN. These Prai beauties are making their initial debut: Freeze Frame Wrinkle Erase and Pure Prai Creme Royale (Champagne Truffle Caviar is coming this spring.)

imagePlus, these reigning stars are the most popular, already adored by their consumers... Pure Prai Intensive Serum and 24k Golden Caviar!

Furthermore, Cathy Kangas, founder of Prai Beauty Group stands for a strong cause, which I deeply respect. Ms. Kangas started Beauty with a Cause to support world-wide causes in animal protection. This partnership with HSN allows Ms. Kangas to reach 90 million homes in and effort to share in her crusade.

Now there's even more reasons not to feel bad about keeping this little secret all to yourself. This one's a finder, keeper and sharer.

PRAI Beauty goes live tomorrow, January 14 on HSN.


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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow