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March 5th, 2008


Noninvasive treatments in the comfort of your own home.

imageNow there is no need to go to the extreme for great looking skin. The growing trend for antisurgery products that promise to deliver derm-style at-home results is booming. Here's a look at some brand new launches and other tried-and-true products that are just worth mentioning. Keep in mind all these products MUST be handled with care, and never combine acid peels with scrubs.


Back in 2005, at-home microdermabrasion kits captured the allure of many companies like Lancome and L'Oreal. It was truly the hot item of the moment. This superior skin resurfacer has since turned from a kit into a one-item specialty product. The gentleness of the product has been refined, doing away with traditional coarse exfoliants. Added benefit: sloughs off dead skin cells, polishes away fine lines and helps get rid of uneven skin tone. Take a look at these two new launches right off the press.

imageSt.Ives Microdermabrasion Scrub

The exfoliating system is composed of hydrated silica that gently removes excess oil and dead skin cells while chamomile helps calm the skin. Dr. Gordon, St. Ives Consulting Dermatologist says, "The hydrated silica exfoliant is formulated in such a way that the particles are not sharp. Even under magnification, there should be no sharp particles. As a result, it feels very smooth." Dr. Gordon feels that "Over time, it may provide similar benefits to an in-office microdermabrasion, including smoother skin with more even tone and brighter radiance."

imageAvon ANEW Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System

Now you can literally dial-up the strength for your own at-home system. Eileen Higgins, VP of Product Development at Avon, who helped develop this product shares, "Some consumers find dermabrasion products to be too aggressive for their skin. This new dial up component allows women to get the most effective dermabrasion performance in a way that gradually builds over the usage time of eight weeks." It features four levels of microdermabrasion to 'dial up' over the course of these weeks. Just twist and the dial increases the strength and intensifies the level of skin polishing, resurfacing and conditioning ingredients.

Glycolic Peels

imageHome peels have a similar polishing effect, but is based on the action of glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane that helps to dissolve layers of dead cells & quickly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and irregular skin color. Pamela Cicero, aesthetic consultant for Dr. Dennis Gross says, "Glycolic peels are better for those with sensitive, 'thin' skin than microdermabrasion." Dr. Gross was the genius behind the at-home peel and launched the first Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel back in early 2000. The retail line--- MD Skincare --- was born out of the popularity of the Professional Peel at Dr. Gross' office. [Read about Dr. Gross' in-office peel.] He started sending his clients home with it and the demand grew and grew. It still ranks one of the best in the market and with continued use; skin becomes remarkably clearer, balanced with increased radiance.

imageFast attracting attention is the Kinara Red Carpet Facial, that you guessed, is Hollywood's Secret before their big Award Night. Olga Lorencin-Northrup, the skin alchemist and Kinara Spa owner, went to work in the lab and put the very best ingredients into ideal formulations that reveal star radiance without risk. "My clients don't have the luxury of any recovery time, Olga says, " I adjust every ingredient and combination until they are just right." The kit is simple, yet amazing results can be seen.

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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow