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Is Your Skin Crying Out for Help?

May 14th, 2008


A true skin performer.

Retinols receive high honors as an anti-aging ingredient. It works miracles on acne; keeps pores clean, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and dramatically improves overall skin tone. Ideally, prescription strength Retin-A is the power hitter of all and delivers super-fabulous results. However, many of us are just too lazy to visit the dermatologist (I confess to this!) or the prescription strength can be very aggressive on sensitive skin. Additionally, summer's sun, any sun for that matter, does not pair well with Retinol products.

MBB is here to share a fabulous find that will bring amazing results. Yes, you heard right, a product that WILL make a difference.


Help Me, is a cult-favorite from philosophy, because it's highly effective. It packs a retinol punch- .15% to be exact, which is the highest concentration of Retinol that is available without a prescription- not officially stated, but known to be in the industry.

"help me is a low promise high delivery product. it is like a peel while you sleep vacuuming pores, and dramatically smoothing skin making wrinkles far less perceptible.”
~ Cristina Carlino, founder of philosophy

Another secret to its success is the encapsulated delivery system which keeps the retinol stable while allowing it to be released into the skin gradually. This is key- many over-the-counter products only topically coat the skin, compromising the results.

We all need a little help at times, but rarely is there a product that promises so much and fulfills one's expectation.

Help Me should be used in the P.M. only! and is not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women.


- Back.

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow