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Have You Heard of the Seaweed Lady?

August 9th, 2006


Canada’s great underwater find!

imageimageNo, she isn't a Loch Ness Monster. The Seaweed Lady, as she is known in her native Vancouver Island, comes with a bountiful discovery from the ocean's floor. Her name is Diane Bernard and she is the founder of Outer Coast Seaweeds, a supplier of seaweed skin care products.

Love, love, love seaweed for the skin!

Here's why...

Many type of seaweeds are proven to be enriched in many vitamins (over 10 vitamins!), minerals (over 12 minerals!), and trace elements (important supply of 60 trace elements!). They detoxify, purify and satisfy. Seaweed captures all the richness of the sea plus delivers these beautifying skin and body-benefits: re-balances, nourishes, revitalizes and firms the skin while establishing natural moisture levels.

Many products claim "made from seaweed", but how can you know for sure? Ms. Bernard has set this checklist for you to follow:

-What's on the ingredient list? Make certain that seaweed is one of the first three ingredients; otherwise, it probably contains just trace amounts.

-If the product has a quasi-fishy smell, it has probably been harvested from the shore, which is actually not good--- it needs to come direct from the ocean in low tide off the ocean's floor.

-If the label says "seaweed extract", consider how many steps were in the extraction process because this can possibly strip-out all the nutrients.

How do Outer Coast Seaweeds' product line differ from another? It is hand-harvested and the only spa line to work with the whole seaweed plant and retain its incredible nutrient value. All the products are fabulous and give skin that added boost; Iridaea Cream Facial Masque is a rare-find due to its composition of 90% fresh seaweed, and its creamy texture--- not dry and thick. When you use this genuine seaweed enriched product-line, you truly see improvements from head to toe.

Seaweeds' new renaissance offers a wealth of healing and renewing properties. So next time, happily say, "Pass the Seaweed, Please".

To purchase products or learn more about the line, go to Outer Coast Seaweeds.


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