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Guilt-Free, Anytime Facial

April 2nd, 2008


The $7.00 facial becomes a worthy indulgence.

imageOur lust for pampering, softening and firming has meant that traditional at-home treatments have fallen by the wayside. We seem to have forgotten about the basic at-home steam facial--- remember those days when you would bend over the pot and drape a hand towel over your head to capture the steam. This would be followed by your thick, dry, gray clay mask. This quick 15-minute, at-home treatment did wonders to draw out excess oil, remove the dead skin cells, and keep acne under control.

imageNow Clean & Clear Soft In-Shower Facial has captured an old tradition in a tube. The new twist to the product brings on an A-Ha moment that makes you say why didn't someone think of that sooner. This is how this multi-tasking product works. Once in the shower, let pores open for a minute, then apply Clean & Clear Soft In-Shower Facial on the skin. The shower and the hot water allows the ingredients to deep cleanse pores while infusing moisture into the skin. All that is needed is a minute or slightly more if desired, and then gently massage (see below for alternative removal) into the skin to exfoliate dead skin cells and extract impurities.

This product is for younger skin, however mature skin can benefit too. It contains glycolic acid which works wonders on any type of skin to promote cell turnover. It is formulated with natural fruit acids like sugar cane, maple, orange, and lemon which superbly exfoliate the skin leaving it super soft. And if you are fighting occasional or everyday breakouts, the clay will draw impurities out from the skin. The exfoliating beads are rather large. If you have sensitive skin or dislike 'rough' scrubs; don't massage product into the skin, just let it sit there, then gently rinse it away or with a soft wash cloth pat it off but don't rub.

Ahh, wouldn't another version that is more moisturizing, clarifing, or even just a quick-pick-me up be a great idea--- hint, hint!

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