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December 15th, 2014


~ Glycolic Acids Offer Proven Results


If you ever fantasize of achieving beautiful skin after just one use of a product consider glycolic skin peels. These peels don't act like real life Photoshop that can magically erase years off your skin, but they can help to visibly improve your skin's appearance after just one use. The beauty of a skin peel is that it gives you an overall floq--- I like to consider it that je ne sais quoi of beauty. ‘Tis the season to perhaps drink a few more glasses of wine than you usually drink , miss out on your 8-hours of sleep along with additional STRESS causing your skin to be looking a little less 'happy' these days. A peel just might be the answer your skin needs. I asked my dermatologist, Dr. Donald Savitz of Long Ridge Dermatology in Stamford, Connecticut, how effective glycolic peels are; without hesitation he said, "the glycolic acid peel has an immediate cosmetic with the the advantage of a health (reverses the effects of time and sun) benefit too." I immediately scheduled in-office peels for myself and just completed my fourth peel at 70% (I gradually increased to this), and I definitely noticed a radical difference. The downtime: nada. Literally takes less than 5 mins in the office, but if you go to an office that takes special care of you, it might require a total time of 15 minutes. The assistants at Dr. Savitz's office wraps your skin mummy-like in cold cloths once the peel is removed soothing your skin of any stinging.

Glycolic acid is a fruit acid, derived from sugar cane and is best used to:
- EXFOLIATE and remove old layers of skin and uncovers fresher, brighter skin
- RETEXTURIZE the skin and help to resurface, stimulate collagen, and keep fine lines and pigmentation under control

If you prefer to DIY in your own homel, Peter Thomas Roth offers a professional-grade peel that delivers expert results. I LOVE the 40% Triple Acid Peel, $88- I use this as maintenance after an in-office peel. Granted if you were to use this solely, it wouldn't be as effective but it definitely will rejuvenate the skin and get you glowing immediately. Also, one capsule of PTR's peel gives you plenty to apply to your face, neck and tops of your hands. All you need is a little, and it will get its job done. The cost might seem high at $88, but it is a 12-week supply and one office visit is easily $100, so the price is quite affordable.


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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow