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February 11th, 2009


Youth is in our genes.

imageA few weeks ago I received an invitation from Lancome to experience a new generation of skincare. Along with the save-the-date, was a note asking to request a sample if I wanted to give this product a try prior to the 'unveiling'. Of course I requested and my wish was granted the next day when a very small bottle of their latest discovery arrived in the mail.

Excited, eager and willing to start testing, I immediately placed a dropper full of potion into the palm of my hand. I imagined I was a Top Secret Agent with the capability of uncovering the NEW 'fountain of youth'. I began to pat it on my face, over my makeup. Note to all: This is the INCORRECT way of application- but it was the middle of the afternoon, I didn't feel like washing my face, and right around this time my skin needed a pick-me-up. And that is just what happened. I let it absorb into my skin before taking a peek in the mirror. Pleasantly surprised, my skin looked radiant and glowing. It looked like I just came in from a 3-mile run.

The anticipation was building. I wanted to learn more about this product. Anytime there is BIG hoopla surrounding a launch, I immediately get soft at the knees with excitement. It takes a lot to 'wow' me. I am a veteran in the industry--- been there, tried that.

Finally, Monday morning arrived; I attended the event and learned it wasn't just me who had such overwhelming 'wows'. Apparently over 100 women think the same, since Lancome carefully test marketed the product to be sure its results were accurate. And Top Secret it was. Lancome has been dedicating 10-years of research to unlock a new scientific discovery. The result: Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate. The next BIG frontier in regaining skin's youthful appearance is by harnessing the power of our genes. The Lancome scientists have learned that gene activity slows with age and what patterns in our genes comprise youthful skin. They are now able to boosts gene activity and increase youth proteins to help restore skin's smoothness, luminosity and radiance.

Genifique isn't a serum. It isn't a moisturizer. It's a youth elixir that is applied on clean skin and acts as your first step in your daily routine. It's a whole new skin care category with widespread appeal for women of all ages, whether you're 20 or 60. The formula is very light, penetrates quickly and gives skin a velvety smooth look.

Genifique is magnifique! My skin agrees.

This is being touted as the 'real McCoy' so watch out for its introductory at the end of March at Lancome counters nationwide. Or visit and add your name to the waiting list. The concentrate is a bit pricey at $78 for a 1 oz. bottle.


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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow