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September 30th, 2009



imageI love a good beauty scoop. So when my mom-my insider reporter- told me about Firma-Face XR by Serious Skin Care being raved about on HSN, and I read a positive review in Allure, I knew it was the new beauty buzz around town.

A phone call to the publicist department, later confirmed my instinct, it's a success! Firma-Face's unit sales set a record in HSN Beauty history with more than 103,000 products sold during the four day launch.

I eagerly awaited the product's arrival, and when it did I wasted no time to try it. I applied this filmy, transparent mask as directed and waited 3-minutes for it to work its magic. More doesn't mean better, so don't do it!

What happened: My face got especially taut, reminiscent of an egg white mask (remember?), and it gently pulled my skin back and tight, and I mean dramatically tight. I looked like someone injected Botox to my entire face- I enjoyed that moment too, ahhh, a seamless canvas, can't remember the last time I experienced that!

How it works: It absorbs into the subdermal layer, actually going underneath the skin, firming the skin. The instant gratification, "tightening action", is thankfully attributed to high tech ingredients working their magic like GABA, a natural muscle inhibitor, and aminopropane sulfonic acid, a synthetic compound with GABA-like properties. Long term, ingredients like retinol (vitamin A), nutrient-rich wolfberry (also known as goji berry), kelp,and gotu kola continue to fight against antiaging.

The verdict: My skin did appear smoother, tighter and felt softer. The 11 lines between my brows and horizontal lines on my forehead diminished and the lines around my eyes softened. The hood of my eyes looked wide-awake rather than flapping over the upper lid.

And spritzing water on the skin only reactivates it and firms it up once again!

Firma-Face offers a definite "WOW" factor, and a self-gratifying reward is restored- YOUTH! In fact, the day I used it, a business acquaintance who knows me well over 5-years commented, "you look like a college girl"- not kidding! And a friend, who sees me everyday, thought I just returned from a rejuvenating facial. My favoritism for Firma-Face just scored two thumbs up after those compliments.

After my evaluation, I read the comments on HSN and was surprised at the numerous unfavorable opinions. Now I don't think it perfects to the measure of zero lines, but it does enhance the skin, giving it a youthful appearance. The result is only temporary, for one day at most, not a lifetime. As for the negative reviews, I now think I know why.

The 'amazement of this product' only results if you follow the directions. BEGIN on clean skin. DO NOT rub it off, simply splash it off, DO NOT leave it on under your makeup (believe it or not women were doing this!), DO use it on right below the brow bone and DO use it under the eye- but not too close to the lashline and DO NOT leave it on for longer than 3 minutes. If you have dry, irritated skin, limit use to two to three times a week, since it does dry the skin. BE SURE to moisturize your skin afterwards.

One woman shared she used it on her breasts, because they started to "go South" and the results were incredible- now readers, use it at your own discretion!

As of yesterday Firma-Face was sold out on HSN, but is currently being sold on the site.


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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow