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Farm Fresh:  Straight to Your Skin

May 22nd, 2013


- A facial moisturizer that has my vote of confidence.
By Eve Marx


The I-made-it-at-home market for luxury skin care is booming as more estheticians and skin care experts are concocting their own recipes for beautiful and healthy skin. Just as decades ago Este Lauder and other skin care mavens began, a new generation of experts working outside the confines of large pharmaceutical labs are creating small batch products, often in their home kitchens. One enterprising entrepreneur, Cat Ianelli, whose backstory is she is an esthetician to the stars, , came up with FaceWhip, a luxurious facial crème she literally hand whips. With a consistency remarkably similar to fresh whipped cream, FaceWhip contains no synthetic fragrances, perfumes, parabens or mineral oil. The main ingredient is goats’ milk, which is rich in lactic acid, which stimulates collagen.

Ianelli’s pure white product also contains shea butter, citric acid, avocado and grapeseed oil. She created the product to use in her signature facials which she performs in small boutiques in the New York area or by appointment in client’s homes. Last summer Ianelli introduced FaceWhip to the general public for the first time at the Westport Farmer’s Market. Each week she brought a batch of newly filled jars which sold out in a few hours.

I took home a jar of FaceWhip after one of Ianelli’s signature facials at kd studio in Kaonah. I was skeptical at the start. My feeling for several years now has been “so many moisturizers, so little time.” But FaceWhip looked, felt and smelled different. I dipped in a pinky and met with no resistance. FaceWhip is as white as snow and as light and airy as a hand-whipped dairy edible. Ianelli told me she gets the goats’ milk from an organic farmer and personally cooks up every batch. A little goes a long way; I was too generous with myself at first. The product also takes a little time to soak in to the skin. Before applying makeup, give yourself a minute. I now smooth on a dime sized amount twice daily to my face and throat. At Ianelli’s urging, I use it on my décolletage. I’ve been using FaceWhip for about 6 weeks and I’m totally addicted. I’ve given all my other facial moisturizers of the toss. With the recent news about the dangers of sunscreen thanks to all their chemical components, I’m feeling more cautious than ever about what I put on my skin. I foresee a day when I’ll want to slather FaceWhip or another of Ianelli’s magical formulations on every inch of my flesh. Goats’ milk. Who da thunk it? Cat Ianelli did.

For now, FaceWhip is sold only on line and at trunk shows. For details, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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