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Channel Cindy Crawford’s Supermodel Skin

June 12th, 2013


~Meaningful Beauty

Despite her supermodel status, Cindy Crawford isn't that unlike the rest of us. She is concerned about her skin, and knows the benefits of a good skin care regimen. We are lucky she is aging gracefully, and can benefit from her beauty concerns with the introduction of new products from her skin care line. Yet another indication that Cindy's line is a winner, she looks glowing and just as good as she did in her '20s. Sneaking up on her slowly (as well as many of us) is age, but there's no denying that Cindy has reached her middle ages still looking just as beautiful as she did in her younger days. Her secret is clear, her own skin care line--- Meaningful Beauty. Personally, I have been impressed with many of the products and I feel it receives an additional stamp of approval by top dermatologist, Dr. Sebagh, who helps formulate the skin care potions and raise the ante with powerful ingredients. Cindy's Meaningful Beauty line isn't complicated, it's a simple modern 3-step approach to cleansing that prove effective with continued use. A well-whipped, deluxe moisturizer is key along with a good exfoliator and targeted products to hit your troubled zones and help brighten and firm the skin.
I actually read the reviews, and customers LOVE the results---it has received a consistent 5-star rating. Read the reviews yourself. I'm impressed, and after all Cindy stands behind the line herself, and I believe she has come this far due to her own integrity and good business sense. Her skin looks beautiful and that alone is her best selling point, but her products WORK- the re-order rate is remarkable!


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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow