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December 15th, 2010


A new beauty tool that gets skin glowing. 

Contributing Editor Eve Marx shares her review on the latest cleansing tool...

imageA long time ago, my mother--and years later, a favorite facialist--informed me that cleansing my face with a wash cloth was one of the better things I could do for my skin. "A little gentle exfoliation with a soft cloth" has been a mantra of mine for years.

Now Olay ProX series has ramped up my cleansing routine with a facial cleansing tool that not only makes face washing more fun, but leaves your skin glowing as though you've had a spa treatment.

"The secret to Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is the rotating bristles," said Dr. Greg Hillebrand, A P&G Beauty Science specialist. "As the tool's two-speed brush head spins on skin, individual bristles gently lift and remove dirt and dead skin from the surface, allowing for a clean, gentle rinse."

Olay's cleansing system is cute, fits in the palm of your hand, runs on batteries and is waterproof. The first step is dampening the brush head, which I do with water straight from the tap. The directions that come on the package advise only cleansing with water, but my preference has been to play around with a variety of cleansing products--- some favorites are vegetable-based soaps. The rotating bristles help work up a splendid lather. My routine involves applying the spinning brush head over my forehead, chin, and cheeks before honing on either side of my nostrils where blackheads tend to build-up.

One week after I began using the cleansing tool, a woman complimented me on my makeup. "What kind of foundation are you using," she asked. I said, "I'm not wearing any makeup, other than lipstick and a bit of blush," to which she exclaimed, "Well your skin looks fabulous!"

I think I have to thank Olay for this. This new cleansing brush gives my skin a new spin on life.

~Eve Marx


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