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A Deep, Dark Secret

September 22nd, 2010


A cult-favorite newbie.

As we venture into fall, we change our cosmetic colors, switch our skin creams and turn to our facialists or specialty products to deep clean and rid our skin of summer's damage, sweat, dirt and grime.

imageWhile catching up on the fall magazines, I noticed the perfect treatment- Boscia's Luminizing Black Mask, $34, was featured everywhere. This only added to my curiosity and my suspicion was confirmed that this was a sought-after product It has been sold out at Sephora and Boscia's PR Company was out of stock. It was like the beauty gods waved their wands and pronounced this as the "chosen one" for the fall season.

I waited patiently to receive it and excitedly opened it up to give it a try. Thick, black, and gooey the asphalt-like texture would be a road layer's dream and I was hoping it would be my dream cream. The formula is a mineral rich black clay sourced from France. Its promises far exceed any one expectation: strips away dead cells, brightens dark spots and pigmentation, diminishes oil, lessens the appearance of fine lines and and brightens the skin.

As I apply it, choosing to use a skin brush applicator rather than my fingers, I can feel it detoxing immediately; the tightening beginning, the rich glistening blackness penetrating my skin.

After 20 minutes, I am ready to start the peeling process. The rubbery texture is hard to grip so it takes me a minute or two to pick up the edges. The perfectionist that I am strives to strip it off in one complete motion, but after my first attempt I realize this isn't going to happen. In fact I end up piecing it off different sections at a time.

The result: A definite overall whitening appearance is revealed; especially the darker pigmented areas. Pores appear smaller and my skin feels extremely smooth. Unfortunately, my wrinkles appear the same, no remarkable magic here, but overall a definite skin overhaul.

imageApplication tips:
-Use a skin care brush as an applicator; rather than your fingertips. The formula creeps into the fingernail bed and cuticle area making it a pain to remove.
-Apply a thick layer for ease in peeling.
-Avoid the hairline and eyebrow area--- this will help take the "ouch" out of the removal process.
-Avoid the eye area by applying it below the orbital bone.
-Do not attempt to remove the mask in under 15-minutes; it isn't ready, trust me I tried it.

I still haven't mastered removing it all in one-step, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the skin-glowing benefits, and I must admit a quick, efficient way for peach fuzz removal.

Currently it is in stock at Sephora, but that can change any minute, so grab it while you can.


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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow