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Banish Holiday Breakouts

November 21st, 2007


Dermatologist-approved acne solution.

imageForget about this time of year being the peak travel season, it marks the time when stress-levels are at an all time high. Thanksgiving begins the craziness attributed with keeping the family schedules in order, attending a multitude of cocktail parties (holiday parties week after week) and the added project of seeking out gifts for everyone on your holiday list. Not to mention the BIG Holiday dinner, if you are the lucky one to host the affaire.

It's no wonder that spots and blemishes magically appear and begin to plague us even if clear skin is a norm. These outside threats play havoc with our beauty, and shouldn't be in control of our confidence.

imageAcne continues to be the #1 reason people choose to see a dermatologist. Continuing one's quest for clear, blemish-free skin, Dr. Jeffrey Dover, renowned dermatologist and an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Yale University School of Medicine, has a solution wrapped up in one kit. Dr. Dover has partnered with CVS/pharmacy to exclusively sell his line skin effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover.

Dr. Dover is one of the first dermatologists to offer a professionally-approved line available to everyone at the mass level. His latest innovation in skincare is skin effects Acne Treatment System--- currently at 10% off too.

imageWe asked Dr. Dover to share with readers the formula-success to his Acne Treatment line and ways to stay in control of dreaded adult acne.

MBB: What is the most important role a person can take to help prevent breakouts?
Dr. Dover: The most important step is to take an active role in treatment and follow a plan of cleanse, treat and prevent. Skin Effects has developed a three-step acne program including cleanser (which by the way doubles as a mask for deeper penetration), an acne clear cream that helps to prevent future breakouts and a spot treatment to target blemishes that have already surfaced.

MBB: What makes the Skin Effects Acne treatment line so different from the rest?
Dr. Dover: For the first time we are taking ingredients that were usually found in dermatologists' office and putting them in products that women could easily purchase at their local CVS/pharmacy stores nationwide. Additionally, women can save money, time and trips to the dermatologist's office.

MBB: Transdermal 24 is touted in the acne products. What is this new technology and how can it benefit a person with acne.
Dr. Dover: Transdermal 24 is a patented compound that activates on contact to form an invisible layer over the skin that entraps the acne-fighting ingredients. (Think of it as an invisible patch that keeps working!)

MBB: How can this benefit the skin?
Dr. Dover: Other skincare products may provide initial benefits when applied to the skin, but they are easily worn away or washed off by water and sweat offering limited, short-term treatment. Transdermal 24 technology remains effective and in tact on the skin even after cleansing with soap and water providing the skin with consistent treatment for more than 24 hours.

imageMBB: What is the one skin care product every woman should have on hand to help prevent breakouts?
Dr. Dover: Every woman should have Benzoyl peroxide. (skin effects by Jeffrey Dover just launched Acne Spot Treatment that offers 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide.)

MBB: What is the one secret that you don't readily share about adult acne?
Dr. Dover: There are really no secrets that have been untold. I can't stress enough the importance of following a skincare regime--- Cleanse, Treat, Prevent.

Thank you Dr. Dover for your insight and affordable professional product line at mass!

And remember... Acne can't be cured, but it can be controlled!


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