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A World-Kept Secret… Finally Unwrapped!

November 30th, 2006


The ancient Argan Oil is rediscovered in skincare.

imageBuzzwords such as "Vrai", "Argan Oil", and "international best-kept secret" were discovered during a recent research assignment. I had to find out what the fuss was all about regarding a product called Vrai Argan Oil. The first thing I learned was that you can't purchase it here in the United States however, don't fret, that problem has been resolved. Then I found out it is an amazing skin remedy product. Reading this, I knew it would be the perfect beauty find to share with My Beautyberry readers.

imageThe "Vrai" collection is devoted to the purity and naturalness of the finest ingredients. The star product is its Argan Oil (Huile d'argan) for hair and body which includes the rare argan oil extract from the seed of the arganier tree thrives only in the Moroccan desert. Research indicates this luxury oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and works incredibly well on wrinkles, skin that is chronically sun damaged and dry skin. In fact, it has been used topically by North African women for centuries to counteract the effects of the harsh desert sun and wind on skin and hair. Members of the medical profession also praise the oil for its anti-inflammatory action (perfect to revitalize skin after non-surgical cosmetic procedures), its ability to heal scars, and it helps soften skin back to baby-perfect smoothness. Fragonard, the source behind the Vrai line, wanted to give argan oil an added benefit since its original texture is thick with a slightly unpleasant scent. Fragonard added a delicious lemon verbena ingredient (which adds a double dose of benefits, since lemon oil slows down the degeneration of collagen and elastin) plus made the oil lighter, less greasy. Voila! Vrai Argan Oil was born. [Recommended use is to apply it to dry hair and/or skin for five to 10 minutes than rinse thoroughly.]

The secret of this oil was known only to the Moroccan and French women; and recently the British women became privy to it too. A product this good is a must-have item for the entire world to know!

Now you might be thinking, how can you purchase this product if it is unavailable in the U.S.A. Searching for information, I found this site called Basic French. What a treasure! Besides learning that Carol Neiley is the sole supplier (as far as we know!) of the Vrai line here in the States (the creams from the line are superb along with the sucre gommant scrub) she also sells a line from imageFragonard called Soins Essentials. The line contains natural royal jelly, an outstanding moisturizing ingredient, that offers a multitude of skin benefits.

Ms. Neiley's store is called Basic French and she graciously offered to share a first-time glimpse at a shipment of new gift items she just received from France. Since it is holiday season, I took her up on her offer and without further adieu take a peek at the In Stores Now section for a look at these one of a kind items.

C'est Vrai, C'est Magnifique!

[Ms. Neiley's store is called Basic French and located at 5 East Market Street , Red Hook, NY, 845-758-0399; or visit it online at Basic French Online]


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