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A Cleasning Scrub That Gets Its Grit Naturally

January 16th, 2015


~ Red Bee Facial Scrub Mask

I was so excited to find this product at my local new juice shop, Green & Tonic in New Canaan. I always visit the one in Greenwich, Connecticut, but this location is a lot more convenient for me. If you visit the juice shop and feel overwhelmed with the choices, try the Ultimate Warrior, you won't be disappointed just refreshed!

Anyway, getting back to the product I would like to spotlight- Red Bee Facial Scrub Mask. This product caught my eye at the register while I was waiting for my green juice, and the lady at the counter just said everyone raves about it, and loves it. I love exfoliating, and the gentler the better, so without hesitation I picked it up to read about it. Handmade, natural and with all the right ingredients I was sold.

I wasn't disappointed when I tried it either. It is truly amazing. What I love so much is the actual scrub is finely granulated honey that gently removes dry skin cells, and the best part which sets it apart from others is the moisturizers. This product contains avocado oils and coconut butter, which leaves your skin so smooth, and well-moisturized. You probably could pass on your moisturizer in the summer, but I like to up it all the time.

This is definitely a worthy product, and how often do you treat yourself to a product that is handmade. We probably need to do it more often. You can buy it on their site at, plus while you are there read more about the process and the beekeeper, Carla Marina Marchese. Very interesting.



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