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A SUPERIOR French Beauty

February 21st, 2013


~ The secrets behind Caudalie

It starts off like a fairytale, a Chateau in Bordeaux (France), a beautiful happily married couple, and a discovery of the exceptional powers vine and grapes possess for the skin. POUF! Caudalie was formed and all its magical powers come to fruition right before our very eyes- well, not that quickly, a lot of hard work and planning went into it. In the past few months, I had the special privilege of meeting Mathilde and Bertrand, the husband and wife success team behind this leading French brand. Where else would you be sitting in a meeting, and get offered a spritz of a top selling Beauty Elixir, only Caudalie.

Mathilde, tall, elegant and beautiful, has a certain Je ne sais quoi that makes her one of the most envied person's I know---included in this is skin that is flawless and au naturel , perfection to the highest degree. So of course you can only imagine, I wanted to know the secrets of the line and of Mathilde's beauty routine.

imageTo begin, the one product that the French women cannot live without- it even holds 50% of the market share in France- is Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. The reason it is so well-loved is because it does what it says it will do, which is primarily get rid of dark spots and create a radiant glow.

Not holding back, I continued to ask, "What is the French secret to beautiful skin"? In a way, I expected her to take out a scroll, unroll it and share the list that will save our skin. I believe in a way we all think this, but in reality it all comes down to the basics, the first steps we learn as young girls, which is always wash your face at night. Mathilde shared that her mother told her "You can not draw on a dirty canvas, why would you put makeup on one?" Truth be told there is no denying that the best results will be seen on clean, well-cleansed, well-toned, well-moisturized face.

imageThe next question was "Which is your most favorite product"?
I felt total guilt from her response, especially since I have two sons of my own. She said, "You are having me pick between my babies." Hearing this made me stop in my tracks and I instantly re-asked the question, "Which product gets you through your busy day looking your best?" Without hesitation and with a sigh of relief she said "Premier Cru". This product was 7 years in the making, contains the top anti aging ingredients in the highest concentration, and does it all when you are in a hurry and need to prepare your skin in minutes. In fact, one bottle of the face cream is sold every 2 minutes worldwide.

Two other secrets of French Beauty she had time to share, "French women DO NOT wear foundation. They choose, sheer, tint, see-thru moisturizers and they believe in slimming products--- Caudalie Firming Concentrate and Draining Herbal Tea (a personal favorite of mine!) are cult-favorites in France.

imageMy meet and greet began as a fairytale and ended on the same high note when she grabbed my arm and side-stepped me over the try what she calls "The French Riviera in a bottle." While she was taking off the top, I was thinking I definitely knew what my vision of this amazing destination would be if I had the chance to store it in a bottle, my frequent trips allowed me to conjure up an imaginary scent. POUF! Again, I was simply amazed! The Divine Oil, is simply that DIVINE. It can be used for many things, baths, hair, but I choose to use it on my pulse points and after our meeting with no magic wand in hand, I drove home with visions of my August trip dancing in my head.

Caudlie just opened a boutique at 315 Bleeker Street, NYC and can be found at Sephora and SpaceNK.



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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

—Gwyneth Paltrow