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Want To Look 7 Years Younger?

January 11th, 2013


The experts at Good Housekeeping Magazine tells us how.

Here's your chance to unmask your youth in 7 weeks with a plan put forth by the exerts of Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Every new year, new resolutions are being made- some more attainable than others. This year Good Housekeeping is going to help make it easier for you by combining all their discoveries in my book. Here's what's so evolutionary about the program: everything in the book was tried and tested (sometimes triple tested!) by members of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute(GHRI) to ensure their seal lives up to the praise. I had a chance to visit the offices, chat with the editors and taste the delicious food recommendations, which were so satisfying and delicious I thought for sure I can make these meals at home for my husband and boys.

What I've done here is bring you the best from the book in regards to anti-aging, but I highly recommend a purchase for more insightful tips and checkout the recipes, the meals have been created by Samantha Cassetty, the Nutritional Director, and her team of culinary experts who make whipping up a healthy meal as easy as putting a frozen pizza in the oven.

This fact is quite impressive to know: GHRI tested over 400 products and performed over 5000 lab tests to bring you the products, recipes and tips with the most DAZZLING, OUTSTANDING & DELICIOUS outcomes.

On the skin front, three of the most important things you can use in your routine is to incorporate an Alpha Hydroxy Cleanser at night to help exfoliate the skin while you sleep. Weekly, boost the power up a level or two and use an at-home peel for even more radiance. Lastly, be sure to include megamoisturizers that contain ceramides, which is the keep to help keep the cells together creating a natural barrier to ensure the moisture stays locked in. The best news: all can be found in your local drugstore for under $10!!

Next up is eating Youthful Foods and Samantha Cassetty recommends these FOUR become a part of your regular diet:
-Yellow peppers: extremely high in vitamin C
-Eggs: protein, which is collagen building
-Whole-grain barley: good source of selenium, a mineral that helps protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays.
-Salmon: contains the famous omega complexes

This recommendation truly AMAZED me and it was Good Housekeeping recommended and Dr. Oz approved, PYCNOGENOL is the secret to younger looking skin. It is a natural extract made from pine bark that offers amazing smoothness and plumping qualities to the skin. It is recommended to take 3 25mg daily, and results shouid be seen after 12-weeks. Here's a funny story, I was on-line ordering it on Amazon, but was so excited to start it right away I decided to go to my local health food market. Once I got there, I had trouble looking for it, the reason why, the shelves were out-of-stock! The gentlemen working there said, "A Dr. Oz recommendation, right." I chuckled and said "yep" and drove back home to complete my on-line order.

7 Years Younger can be purchase on Amazon.


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