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Victoria’s [SKIN] Secret to their GLOW

December 9th, 2015


~ Direct from the source:  COLBERT MD

I totally forgot the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was on last night, as this isn't on top of my mind these days. However, achieving great skin and that famous Angel GLOW is, so I have the lowdown to exactly what they used to achieve it.

Millions tune in to watch the show annually — and although these girls are definitely genetically blessed, even the most beautiful models need a little help to ensure their skin looks flawless for fashion’s biggest night of the year.

To exude a toned, hydrated and youthful complexion from head to toe, the girls often turn to Dr. David Colbert, founder of New York Dermatology Group, for his signature Triad Facial and Triad Body Treatment, which combine the best of advanced medical and cosmetic skincare technologies into one effective skin renewal treatment. The Triad is comprised of three parts:

Step One: Microdermabrasion to gently removed old, dead skin cells, resulting in immediate skin clarification and tone
Step Two: Laser toning to energize the skin, even pigmentation and texture, and stimulate deep, long-term collagen production
Two Three: Gentle chemical peeling to impart a fresh, young radiance and silkiness to the complexion

The Triad results are both short and long term — energizing and beautifying skin instantly, but also initiating a sustained process of cell rejuvenation and collagen stimulation.

imageIf you aren't based in NYC, no fear, you can still achieve similar results at home with Dr. Colbert’s skincare line, Colbert MD, sold online at My top picks to purchase are: Tone Control Discs (every couple of days), the Serum (try mixing it with the best-seller illumino Face Oil, which is a MUST-HAVE favorite!)

imageAnd, my own personal tip, if you can only afford ONE, since I know these products are costly, try the newest product to the lineup,Illumino Anti-Aging Mask. This mask is amazing, especially will be skin quenching if the weather turns cold, it is a coconut-derived bio cellulose mask that delivers brightening, more plumper looking skin. In my book it is definitely considered the SUPERMask!



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