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UGH! Gray Hairs Are Invading My Brows.

October 14th, 2014


~  Sania Vucetaj, the brow expert, tells me what to do.

Bad enough gray strands are becoming prevalent throughout my hair. No longer are they just along my hairline, they are now found at the crown, underneath the hair in the back (there goes my ponytail), and lately a few strands are showing up on my brows. YEP. I couldn't believe it when I saw not one, not two but three. I immediately freaked out, and contacted Sania from Sania's Brow Bar to share her expertise. My conversation went something like this.

Q: "Sania, no longer is it just one gray hair, but now I have a few white on my brows, and feel more are on its way. I don’t want to tweeze them, because it has taken me a while to have my brow hair grow in. What can I do?"

A: "If it's only a few greys, pencil should do the trick. But if the greys are too stubborn to be colored with just the pencil (or you have a lot of greys), then have your hair colorist color the brows slightly. Ask for a color that is slightly lighter than yours to avoid going too dark on the brows. But I would definitely try pencil first because dye can be a bit more tricky and more work. My Sania's Brow Bar Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil has both texture of a pencil and powder so people say it camouflages the greys very nicely. Be sure to blend pencil into the brows for a natural look. People try using colored gels but it tends to go on too clumpy and thick and makes the brows look too harsh and dark. Stick to pencil! Hope this helps!"

Thank you Sania, I love your pencil and it has helped, but I believe dying it regularly is not that far away!


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