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August 14th, 2013


Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica offers the best of nature’s beauty and bounty

imageIt’s summer, vacation time is here, and places to be seen await our curiosity. We all have that special dream vacation spot in mind, where we could mingle our family with nature and the deep blue ocean, while enjoying adult time, pampering it up at the spa and sipping cocktails while the kids are in eyes view at the pool.

imageimageWhile there are plenty of exotic places out there, nothing seems to compare to the Four Seasons Resort and its grand getaway at Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica. I recently traveled there with family in tow, hoping to get well-versed in a country’s commitment to protecting its biodiversity, seek out nature like we never have seen it before, come face to face with animals (never intended it to be a boa constrictor), and zip thru a rainforest enriched with picture-perfect leaves bigger than the size of a whole watermelon.

With miles of pristine beaches, dense jungles, active volcanoes and an abundance of wildlife, Costa Rica and the Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo was our choice as the ideal place, which offered us these indulging experiences. This luxurious resort brings with it lavish amenities and world-class service, from spa treatments, to a top-rated golf course--- all just as lush as the country’s rain forests.

My husband and children were amazed at the happiness spread throughout the resort and the local Costa Rica people . Being New Yorkers, we have our defenses up and expect people are nice to you because they want something, but here it is there way of life. One smile is contagious and sunshine abounds.

imageimageThe days began with a great cup of Costa Rica coffee, which is AMAZING (I brought some home with me!) and were filled with lots of activity either kayaking, paddle boarding, or simply riding the waves. Or, you can do what I did, ran up- so I thought- 77 steps, which turned out to be 864 instead! My calves hurt for more than two days after that, but I felt exhilarated and it didn’t stop me from taking my Pilates classes. For more adventurous types you can travel outside the area for a Sky Walking tour, which we all did, but only one person in our family had enough courage to zip line in a forest full of clouds, way up high, with monsoon winds and rain. My youngest son, intrigued by being close to nature, didn’t hesitate one bit to give this a try. I am so very happy he did as it proved to be an experience of a lifetime. When all is said and done, my husband and I appreciate a good spa experience to indulge our senses, relax and unwind, remember we still have the kids with us, (smile) ---even if it is only for two hours.
The Spa, inspired by Central America healing, is a tranquil and quiet serenity nestled on the property. Visitors are encouraged to stop by as many times as they can to enjoy the wading pool, cold plunge pool and sauna. imageThis is an especially good thing to do prior to treatments as a way to boost circulation and destress the mind. I found myself making multiple visits even if I had only 20-mins to spare. Livia Reddington, The Spa Director, shared these tips with me while I enjoyed an evening chat with her. “Here at The Spa”, she shared, “it’s all about ‘good energy’ and incorporating treatments into the spa menu that are solely their own”. This is possible thanks to Costa Rica’s indigenous resources, which heralds a whole new way of mixing up ingredients as well as adding an extra boost to existing ones. Coffee lovers would love to experience an extra jolt of energy from the Organic Costa Rican Coffee Bean Scrub, or imagenaturalists would feel extremely adventurous to try the Volcanic Mud Wrap, giving your body the therapeutic benefits of its mineral-rich clay. My husband can attest to the benefits of bamboo as he relaxed for 60 minutes experiencing the Natural Healing Bamboo Massage, which uses freshly-cut bamboo in all sizes for added pressure reducing stress and relieving muscle tension. I, myself, went with an anti-aging facial treatment offering a deep clean plus high dose of vitamin C to restore the skin’s vitality. My skin looked so beautiful afterwards that I went directly out to dinner sans makeup wearing just my glow.

While some luxurious spas offer oils of gold, creams of caviar or bathtubs of wine, I prefer the royal treatment to be found in the land’s bounty of goodness and healing properties delivered in the forms of mud, scrubs and ingredients enhance the complete body and mind experience. After all, Costa Rica has so much to offer, why not make use of earth’s creations.

imageFour Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo is passionate about these resources and wants to further renew your love for the natural world. It worked for me; nature never looked so green, so lush and so perfect. Even my coconut water came fresh off a tree; the attendant just cut off the top and added a straw.

"Pura Vida" is a greeting used by the locals and at the resort, and you too can be inspired by its meaning…..translated to mean "pure life".




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