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The Unsung Hero:  Cucumber

April 25th, 2007


Cucumber’s beauty benefits.

imageDid you know that the expression "cool as a cucumber" comes from the vegetable's high water content that gives it a unique moist and cooling taste. Did you also know that the cucumber has been used in skincare for years? It contains two compounds, ascorbic acid and caffeic acid that prevent water retention, which explains why it is so commonly added to eye gels. There is something to be said for that old trick of cucumbers on the eyes! Cucumber is a refreshing, clean, crisp ingredient that is often included in cleansers, toners, skin soothers, hydrators and fragrances.

Here are some newly launched products containing cucumbers in the mix.

-Fresh's Cucumber Cleansing Foam soothes sensitive skin with its cucumber and primrose mix plus it is soap-free.

-Sudzz FX's Nyrvana Deep Cleansing Treatment is a detox for the hair and is completely sulfate-free and vegetable derived. It's like a salad of botanical ingredients containing cucumbers, asparagus and parsley.

-When eyes are crying out for relief, try applying slices of cucumber to them. Or you can use Earth's Therapeutics Cucumber Eye Care Unit to help calm and condition the skin around the eyes.

-Marc Jacobs 'Cucumber Splash'captures the spring/summer crisp, clean light scents.

-Here's a refreshing warm weather quencher... add cucumber and lemon slices to water. image


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