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October 2nd, 2012


The ‘Tanning Mom’ gets a new look.

Patricia Krentcil of Nutley, New Jersey, commonly referred to as "Tanning Mom", captured the 'world's' interest when she allegedly brought her young daughter into a tanning booth, an accusation she vehemently denies. I have to agree with her and do believe she was probably desperate for a tanning fix and brought her daughter into the room while she baked. But that is open for discussion and not something I want to get involved in. Allure called it 'solar suicide', and I couldn't agree more.

While the media- news programs and SNL- has chosen to make fun of her, one individual has decided to knock some sense into her. I commend Dana Ramos for her efforts and reaching out to Patricia to help her. A veteran in the industry, Dana Ramos has written a book, "The Skin Care Regime", which was forwarded by Dr. David Bank and basically backing everything Dana says in it. He has nothing to do with Tanning Mom, but I have total respect for Dr. Bank so I took this story even more seriously. Dana took charge to attempt the impossible: Get Patricia's skin beautiful! Dana says, "Meeting "Tanning Mom" has been the best thing to happen to me--and her--in years. For me, I have been able to show and prove to everyone how you can drastically improve your skin with simple drugstore products and The Skin Regime, "Boot Camp," at home, inexpensively. For Patricia, she has finally received the best publicity for herself, with good images of her coming out (she is half-way through the 6-8 week "boot camp,"). We really enjoy each other's company--she is warm, friendly and very witty. A lot of fun to be around."

Dana's first 'must-not' to Patricia was to stop tanning--immediately. Once she did this, her natural moisture began to return and then we could get ready for her next step: get rid of lines and wrinkles, huge pores, discolored skin from so much sun exposure as well as age-related "melasma." The next step was a simple regime, but required diligence and commitment. Dana set her up with a system of at-home glycol "peels". She is half-way through and so far the results are already astounding. Her skin has responded quickly and a lot of fine lines have disappeared, the tone is evening out, her pores are shrinking. She is getting a "glow" back. Check out these below and after shots.

Dana admits "there is no such thing as a face lift in a jar, and still needs to address the bigger lines and wrinkles and feels hopeful that in the near future, these too will lessen and disappear from the help of a dermatologist. But stresses The Skin Regime works really well with fine lines and texture.

I did try to snoop out the exact products used in this regime and Dana said, "Patricia washes with Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar (available widely in drugstores), and moisturizes with Lubriderm lotion. For the glycolic peels--well, I work with a few companies and interested people have to visit to see what I recommend at the moment. In the hopefully-near future, there will be glycolic peels with my own label: The Skin Regime!"

I would have liked a more definitive answer for what at-home glycolic peel she uses without promoting herself, but she wouldn't share only signify a visit to her site.

Here's Episode 1:

And here is Episode 2, a little contrived and I don't agree with 'scrubbing' with a washcloth, but still Patricia's skin is looking better and better. Kudos to both Patricia and Dana and we can't forget Anna who deserves recognition too!


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