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Honour Thy Roller

August 2nd, 2006


The Facial Roller is a breakthrough skin care device.

Massage lovers listen up; facial massage isn't a ploy your facialist devised to keep you coming back for more. It actually benefits the skin in many ways. Facial Rollers can take the temporary place of your facialist until your next spa visit and your skin can gain from this on a regular basis. These rollers are big news in Europe where it is commonly used as part of a woman's weekly skin care routine. So, what exactly are these benefits? Facial massage relaxes the nerves (and yourself too!), it helps tighten and firm the muscles, eliminates toxins and excess fluid from the skin, and improves skin texture, complexion and circulation. And we all know with improved circulation comes that glowing, just ran three miles radiant look! Repechage Facial Roller (Roller #2) is a gift with the $75 purchase of Vita Cura Triple Firming Cream. The double-ended roller helps prep the skin for improved product penetration. To order log on to Repechage. Only interested in the roller? Try Leaf and Rusher's 200 stainless steel micro-points (Roller #3) that are set into the plastic roller. Available at Space.NK.Apothecary. Word of advice: Be sure to follow the diagrams and go gently. Too much pressure will make the skin red and best to avoid on sensitive skin.


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