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June 23rd, 2009


Happiness-boosting beauty. 

Between June's gloom, its relentless rain and the defunct economy, striving to regain a smile in these stressful, sunless times has been difficult to do. A personal stimulus plan is in order.

imageWho wouldn't turn to a product that is called Happy, which claims to put a smile on our face and lift our spirits? Clinique insightfully predicted the future and successfully launched Happy fragrance back in 1997, starting this trend in adjective name giving.

imageOther marketers followed suit and timed it just right, enlisting products that offer a feeling of well, happiness. In troubling times, when people are anxious and worrisome, people need ways to help cope. Invigorating our senses with positive ways to enhance our daily 'applications' helps do the trick. Even the iPhone and iPod has just released the 'Live Happy' application to help put that grin back in place.

For those who aren't so touch savvy, no fret a bevy of beauty products are launching to brighten your outlook and bring the 'sweet life' back.

imageNivea's A Touch of Happiness Moisturizing Body Wash contains Orange Blossom and Bamboo that boost a skin sensation technology. Check out the secret behind this technology, and find out how it works.

imageimageOrigin's has a pure sensory line that will perk up your attitude, plus make your happiness contagious. The Gloomaway Collection offers NEW tangy, citrus flavors of gumballs that provide a daily dose of long-lasting, all-natural cheer. Couple that with several sprays of Grapefruit body mist, which will instantly lift your spirits and improve your mood any time of day. Now you're feeling happy!

imageAnd since you will be doing a lot of smiling, put your optimism on display with Smileage Plus Liptint that offers a sheer hint of color.

Let's end June on a happy note, and welcome July with a big bang and some sunshine.


- Back.

To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong.