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March 19th, 2008


The latest attention-getter is white teeth.

imageThanks to shows like Extreme Makeover, celebrity 'sparklers' and an increase in cosmetic procedures, Americans have become increasingly aware of the need for pearly whites. Many of us are obsessed with 'how white we make our teeth'.

Similarly to dermatologists' skin-care line, dentist are now in the spotlight and dabbling with formulas that will make their clients teeth shine bright once they leave their office. The New York Times recently named the phrase 'Smile Boutique' to reflect this new wave of dentist-inspired beauty lines.

Dentists with an entrepreneurial flair marvel at the chance to increase their platform, but according to Dr. Mike Fleming, who is on the dental products advisory panel at the Food and Drug Administration, "The active ingredients that dentists market in their products are often very similar to what Crest and Colgate are offering." Dentists do bring a professional point-of-view, offer stronger whitening strengths, improve upon messy trays and ill-fitting strips; however, cost is a HUGE factor and this inhibits us mere mortals from experiencing an in-office whitening experience.

Welcome to beauty's new affordable at-home line of teeth whiteners that offer dual benefits... not just whitening alone. With patience, time and consistency these products really do work.

According to Dr. Nancy Rosen, a NYC dentist, "You can achieve visibly whiter teeth from whitening strips, but these products take time and commitment."

Launching this month, Crest has two new arrivals, Healthy Radiance which is the first-ever month-long toothpaste system that when properly used, whitens up to four times better than the leading paste. It helps strengthen enamel while the four-week supply of deep cleansing strips whitens the teeth. Also new is Crest Whitestrips Daily Whitening Plus Tartar Protection that is a five-minute teeth whitener strip. The strips are coated with the added ingredient of pyrophosphate to protect teeth from tartar build-up. Even mouthwash has added whitening benefits. Listerine's Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips does a disappearing act and dissolves in 5 to 10 minutes leaving incredibly fresh breath.

Naturally-inspired, these tips help keep teeth looking their whitest:
-Choose foods like apples, celery and carrots, which require a lot of chewing.
-Mash strawberries up in a dish, spread the pulp on your teeth and leave on for a few minutes.

All products launching at mass retailers nationwide.


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