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SilkPeel’s Is Hollywood’s Hottest Facial…and I had it done!

October 15th, 2015


~  What you need to know.


I was invited to give SilkPeel Diamond Dermalinfusion a try, and when I heard it didn't involve any needles or invasive treatments, I jumped at the chance. I visited Dr. Bryan Forley's office and was greeted by a very pleasant receptionist and nurse who shared with me they are in love with this peel and recently had it done (both had glowing skin!)

Dr. Forley met with me first, and explained the gentleness of the procedure, but the outcome would be fabulous, however I may experience some redness right afterwards. It is a 20-minute treatment combining a diamond tip exfoliation with the infusion of serums to hydrate, clarify and plump skin. The result is an immediate brightening “wow” factor. Skin treated with SilkPeel Diamond Dermalinfusion has 70% more volume – meaning skin appears plump and firm with fewer lines and wrinkles – for up to 72 hours following a single session.

The sensation of the diamond tip felt like a mild suction. I didn't mind it at all, since I knew it was removing all the grit and grime from my skin and replenishing it with good-for-you serums. Luckily for me, no redness was experienced, and I thought because of this my skin didn't look as glowing as I wish it did. But over the past few days afterwards, I realized I was admiring my skin's clarity and brightness, and was delighted with the outcome.
I was also given a little gift from Dr. Forley, who by the way is a pleasure to meet and so very approachable. I was a nervous upon meeting him and thought he would scrutinize my skin, since he is the best of the best, and well he didn't and I was ever so relieved. He shared a product with my called Envy Lumixyl® Trifecting™ Night Cream, an exceptional, targeted multifunctional anti-aging treatment that delivers powerful results in skin improvement. It contains 2% retinol and I've found this cream to be amazing! I apply it at night, and when I wake up I feel my skin is plumped, glowing and well-moisturized. I am using it three nights a week, because I am loving it so much and don't want to finish the bottle too quickly.

And I was unaware, but SilkPeel® Diamond Dermalinfusion® is what A-listers like Katie Couric, the Olsen twins, Kate Beckinsale and Tina Fey use to get flawless, camera-ready skin. I actually would consider having this treatment before a big event myself.



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