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Making the Best of a Hairy Situation

August 3rd, 2011


A pretty convenient method.

imageYou can never get tired of hearing about Olay, especially when it comes to new product introductions that are beauty-worthy to post. Last week Eve Marx did a wonderful job giving you her personal review of the Regenerist Wrinkle Evolution Complex. I love her writing style and no one tells you like it is as well as Eve.

This week I am sharing a review of a second new product launching in September, but don't worry I have the scoop on how you can get it sooner. I started bragging about this to friends back in June when I attended the launch party. Of course I didn't disclose the name of the company, but I alerted friends that a new hair removal product was launching that was sure to revolutionize the market.

For me this is a very BIG deal. I believe the only person more hair obsessed than me might be Kim Kardashian. I was blessed with my dad's Southern Italian genes and on a positive note, I bronze beautifully from the sun, but, there's always a but, I have a lot of unwanted body hair. I have mastered the drill of shaving my legs everyday in the shower, but my hairy arms and peach fuzz face have been through a lot of processes. I have not given in to laser treatments, which many share are the best. I am not very good with scheduling appointments and prefer to do things on my own time and in my own home. Instead I have bleached, trimmed, burnt (No!No!) the hair with many home methods. They all seem to get the job done, perfectly, nah!

Back in June, I attended the launch party for Olay's new Facial Hair Removal Duo. I was to the moon with excitement and couldn't wait to go home to try it that very night. It didn't deceive me and worked like a dream leaving the sides of my face, which use to be covered with layers of peach fuzz that waved in the wind, baby smooth.

Don't let this small package fool you: The Facial Hair Removal Duo ($24.99) is all business and is meant for convenience. You first apply the Skin Guarding Balm, which resembles a lip balm, over the area you which to treat. It provides a thin layer of protection and helps reduce signs of redness and irritation. Next, apply the Hair Removal Cream, which is water-based, over the balm. After 6-8 minutes, you can remove the formula and revel at your hairless face. You will want to touch it a few times for reassurance as it leaves your skin sooo very smooth. Also, during the process time you can go around the house multi-tasking without any dripping or formula sliding off your face. It stays put!

And an added tip, I like to gently exfoliate over the area after removal to weaken the hair even more.

You don't have to wait till September to purchase a box, click here to find out how to buy it and learn more about the product.

This just in: It's official! NEW Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo became Amazon's #1 best-selling beauty item after only 12 hours on the site.

It's definitely no secret that this has jumped up to a top three must-have product for me. My Olay friends may not agree, but next I will give it a try on my arms; it's so worth it even if I use up the entire application in one use.



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