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Power of the Peel

September 27th, 2006


A facial peel’s magical benefits.

imageWe all wish for a little skin magic... a product that delivers it all in one application with immediate results. Poof! Lines disappear, skin looks radiant and youth is restored. Poof!... now back to reality. There is no snap of the finger miracle, but at-home peels do give fabulous results.

Did you know that there are 80,000 skin cells that are "dying" to be removed daily! Daily exfoliation is vital and at-home peels are the secret to achieving gorgeous, glowing skin.

What it does:
A peel helps dissolve dead, dull cells on the surface of the skin, and allows newer, healthier skin cells to resurface.

How it works:
Most at-home peels are formulated with alpha-and/or beta-hydroxy acids. These may include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or latic acid. Peels include higher strengths of these ingredients, making them more effective at removing dead skin cells. Peels are available in a kit with a brush applicator, others use ingredient-saturated pads, and the newest version use a microdermabrasion process that comes with a gentle abrading tool. [Beware: all peels usually give a slight tingling, stinging, itching sensation during use!] Next step is a neutralizing solution, which inactivates the exfoliating solution so you don't over do it.

These at-home peels allow you to perform an in-office procedure at home , on your own, and on your own free time.

-imageThe 'Pioneer of the Peel' is Dr. Dennis Gross who launched the Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel two-step pad application system.

Ole Henriksen's micro/mini peel system is sooo Spa-like.image

The one-step, no time to wait, swipe and run peel is great when time is tight... Philospohy The Microdelivery Mini Peel pads.image

image Dr. Patricia Wexler's Exfoliating Glyco Peel System is serious, straightforward, and created by one of the best dermatologists in the field.

imageIf acne is a concern, L'Oreal's AcneResponse Intensive Adult Acne Peel deeply purifies pores and rapidly clears breakouts. Available at mass retailers nationwide.

The Total Body Experience by DermaNew goes beyond the face and neck allowing complete body rejuvenation.

After the peel: Moisturize and be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen, since a peel makes skin more sun-sensitive.

The result: Fresh, youthful, luminous skin. Skin tone looks more even. Pores become minimized and unclogged. In addition, over time, this healthy glow gets better and better and wrinkles become less visible and imperfections become less noticeable.

A Word of Wisdom... if your skin is sensitive and prone to environmental and product reactions, you might consider avoiding a peel all together.


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