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Plop, Plop, Tone, Tone…

October 8th, 2008


Oh what a benefit it is.

A highly innovative concept used in an old traditional way.

imageEven if your aesthetician skills aren't up to snuff, you can still try this at-home: A facial steam.

All you need is a large bowl and a towel. Here is the secret twist, LUSH Toner Tabs, solid tablets of vitamin rich essential oils and hydrating fluids that tone the face. Three to choose from: T Tree, Vitamin C and Vitamin E Toner Tabs- only $1.95 each/$9.95 for a custom bag of seven!

imageSimply pour a small bowl of hot water, drop in a tab, place your head over a bowl with a towel and let the steam refresh your skin and work its magic. Reclaim brighter, clearer, youthful-looking skin.

And here's a brilliant way to finish off- Once you've finished toning your face, use the left over water in the bowl to wash your face, neck, chest, hands.

BEWARE: Have your aesthetician skills stop there and leave the picking and prodding to the pros.

Now is a good time to introduce LUSH- it is a UK based cosmetic company famous for its bath bombs and good-for -you skin care and hair care products. Many are handmade treats that contain no preservatives, no wasteful packaging just simple yet innovative formulations. LUSH's free-standing stores are sprouting up all across the USA, so check them out.


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