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January 6th, 2015


~ don’t get frustrated, get motivated

While every blog, magazine, TV Show, and newspaper are talking about resolutions, I'm going to share with your mine for 2015: "I'm not making a resolution".

Why set yourself up for failure after January 30th? Instead, focus on your daily routine and how each day you can improve your health and your beauty. And how can you do that? Easily. Rethink every step you make and what you eat. Truly focus on ways you can benefit your body. At the subway station, instead of taking the escalator, take the steps. No subway in sight, no worries, park your car a couple blocks away from work or farther back in the parking lot and if you don't work, push yourself to go out and walk even if it is for 10 minutes. I bet you will feel good, motivated and possibly walk 15 minutes the next day.

I am no fitness expert, but what I do know is you are in control of your habits- put health back in the forefront, put YOU back at the top of your list, get accountable for what you do or eat and say this to yourself everyday to improve the mind, body and soul. You are not getting younger, but you can feel young and feel great about yourself, but ONLY YOU can be in control of the choices your make. Once you start feeling a noticeable difference, I can promise you the thought process will come naturally on exercise and eating right.

Happy New Year, and start the year in style by being the best that you can be to YOURSELF and just for TODAY!



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To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong.