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April 30th, 2014


~A hashtag that can save your life.

I attended a L'Oreal Paris event the other day that I feel is a must to share. The message was loud and clear: Help stop melanoma by doing one simple step, wear sunscreen daily. It's that simple and effective. The panel on hand was Dermatologist, Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, L'Oreal Paris PR representative and melanoma cancer survivor, Danielle Macaluso, celebrity and melanoma cancer survivor, Diane Keaton, researcher, Dr. Todd Ridky, a Melanoma Research Alliance co-founder and melanoma cancer survivor, Debra Black.

Here are some important statistics and tips from the event:
- Melanoma is the 5th most common cancer in the US, most commonly diagnosed in women under 40.
- Melanoma is 90% curable if detected early
- Melanoma is responsible for 80% of skin cancer deaths, making it the deadliest form of skin cancer.
- Everyone is at risk of getting melanoma.
- Bob Marley died of melanoma found on his foot- so ethnicity doesn't matter!
- "Think you need a tanning bed to get Vitamin D? Think again. Drink milk for your daily dose," says Dr. Todd Ridky
- "When applying sunscreen for the day at the beach, start w/ a shot glass of SPF Lotion at home, then use the quick dry sprays to reapply during the day", Dr. Gerstner
- "I have a little [sunblock] routine. It's not that interesting, I just put it on my face!" shared Diane Keaton
- "You know your own body, including your children's and husband too, insist on a biopsy if something doesn't seem right," said Debra Black.
- "My intent was to get a 'nice tan'. It made me feel good, but later learned it could have caused me my life," shared Danielle Macaluso
- SPF is your BFF (even on cloudy days), so remember to apply sunscreen to your skin, lips, and ears today.
- Next time you are sitting in the sun, this is what you should be thinking: wear sunscreen, raise awareness on Melanoma.
- Sunscreen = #ItsTHATWorthit

L'Oreal Paris and Melanoma Research Alliance is sharing a message together at the same time - automatically. All you need to do is join them and
send one message, one day, all at the same time of day---- It's Tuesday, May 20 @ 5:00 PM EST.

Listen for more details below and visit the site and join in on the Thunderclap.

We can prevent Melanoma by wearing sunscreen everyday. L'Oreal Paris will make a donation to the Melanoma Research Alliance of $1 for each supporter and $1 for each Advanced Suncare Product sold in the U.S. #ItsTHATWorthIt

Pssst! Melanoma is preventable, pass it on!


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