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November 28th, 2007


A hair removal winner that is a HIT at home.

Eternal hair removers listen up. A new nifty system proves to be a supreme find. The results are laser-like and can be used for every skin tone.

First launched internationally in 2004, the no!no! received great success. This past September it debuted exclusively in Sephora stores in the U.S. where it flew off the shelves.

What the no!no! is not... remember the Epilady; where there was a pull and a tug and a loud ouch; well no!no! doesn't even compare.

Why the name no!no!? Simply stated, no pain! no hair!.

imageFirst there is absolutely NO ouch or pain at all. The device, which is available in fashionable colors, resembles an ipod/cellphone size (with just a bit more depth) and simultaneously trims hair with a blade while it zaps the follicle with heat. Dr. Neil Sadick, renowned Park Avenue dermatologist, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College, is a member of the company's Medical Advisory Board and offers this information, "Its revolutionary Thermicon technology uses heat to remove hair instantly, and with continued use, actually reduces hair density. This means less hair over time, in the privacy of your own home."

Here's the lowdown.

Perfect for those who:
-Hate shaving (and hate stubble!)
-Hate waiting for hair to grow long to perform another treatment
-Suffer from skin irritations like in-grown hairs, red pimples or rashes
-Have limited time for other hair removal systems
-Have unwanted hair

How does the no!no! work?
Begin by gliding the device slowly over the specific area, and it gently and easily removes the hair. The hair is removed at initial point of contact, then the thermal (think heat) signal begins to destroy the root. Long-term the communication between the upper part of the hair shaft and the root gets disrupted resulting in absolutely no more hair growth or a reduction in hair density is seen. (Easy to read green signal tells you when you are using it correctly.)

Does it burn?
Absolutely not, but it does feel warm.

What parts of my body can I use the no!no!?
The legs, arms, underarms and bikini area are the recommended places for use. It is not recommended on the face, but knowing some women they will give it a try anyway. Scientifically there is no problem using it on the face, but the curves and angles make it more difficult to maneuver the no!no!; therefore, these areas can be more prone to burn. Learn how to master it first, before moving on to these areas. It is definitely not to be used on the genital areas--- don't even think about a Brazilian!

Photo of the 'Hot Blades' and Buffer.

Is it easy to use?
Most definitely. But you must be sure to read the instructions carefully (strongly recommend viewing the DVD) and choose the appropriate blade for your hair type. The flatter the surface the easier. It becomes slightly difficult when used on angled areas like knees and elbows. However, with practice, you too will master the technique.

Best advice for 1st time users?
The no!no! has to be at a 90 degree angle.

Most common mistake?
The no!no! must be used on clean, dry skin--- no wetness, no oils, and no lotions. Also, some fail to use the buffer which helps to loosen and remove hairs after no!no!-ing. It is simple and takes but a minute, just use a circular or back and forth motion on just finished area. It makes a BIG difference.

How often is it recommended?
For best results two to three times a week is recommended. Remember, the idea is to lessen the hair density, with continued use, you will quickly and efficiently achieve this.

Any downside to the no!no!?
The only downside is it smells like singed hair. [Yes, it is unpleasant, but the smell is well-worth the benefit, wouldn't you say?] When finished buffing the area, you might like to wash it with soap and water to rid the odor. Also, try burning a favorite candle during use if you think it will bother you a great deal. You can be assured that the smell lessens as the hair becomes less dense.

Celebrities are 'hot' on the no!no! trail and the Duff sisters, Paula Abdul and Melissa Rivers are giving it a try!

It is truly amazing; especially for those who were blessed with ungodly unwanted hair in the most visible places like the arms and legs. The amount of money and time saved is worth every penny. At $250 the price may seem steep, but compared to everyday shaving or weekly electrolysis and laser treatments, hundreds of dollars are actually saved; not to mention time. Plus it's the holidays, what a perfect gift to top off the list!

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