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For The LOVE of FIDO… And a Beauty Bonus too!

July 16th, 2015


~ Fido Fixers


According to a Dr. Oz story, Stroking a pet's fur can give us a surge of happiness hormones and living with an animal can lower stress, push down heart disease risk, and give you other impressive health benefits. The unconditional love dogs give us is unmeasurable from day to day. So when a company comes along who is doing wonders for our fido friends, I get all smiley and happy! Fido Fixers, a not-for-profit corporation, is the brain child of two animal advocates. They are hip, they both love animals, both love beauty and have the same name as me and my childhood bestie---Lisa and Susan!

Lisa and Susan get busy in the kitchen churning and creating freshly made plant-based scrubs and whipped body and skin creams for the sake of animals. There company is called The Skin Creamery and 100% of their efforts go to Fido Fixers. This happy union is like matching up the perfect rescue dog with an owner but tenfold. What we don't realize is that in the South dogs and cats are running the streets, homeless and not neutered. Susan and Lisa's mission is to help prevent unwanted litters of dogs and cats by offering low cost spay and neuter services in under-served and economically depressed areas. That's where Fido Fixers comes in....They have three mobile clinics (created thanks to the proceeds from The Skin Creamery), which operate in Macon, Georgia, Eastern Tennessee and Columbia, South Carolina. Currently, Fido Fixers has two spay and neuter clinics. “Fido Senior”, has been operating in Macon, Georgia by Saving Animals from Euthanasia, since May 6, 2013. Fido Fixers has done over 13,000 spay and neuters since May 2012. The second, “Fido Junior”’ was just picked up on November 1st by Prevent A Litter Connection in Madisonville, TN. At this time, there is a wait-list of 18 qualified animal welfare groups who would like to use Fido Fixers and make a similar impact in their various communities.

imageSo how can you help keep these mobiles stocked with medicines, veterinarians and possibly even create more working mobiles? You can DONATE. Here is where all the fun begins in the name of beauty. They have the following products for sale that are freshly made, vegan-approved and truly AMAZING for your skin. I have already fallen in love with the scrub and its lemongrass scent is to die for. Every time I use it, I think of the good it is doing for my skin, but the best thought is how it is saving man's/woman's best friend.


The AMAZING Body Butter Scrub- $35.00
Coconut Butter- size and price vary

Face Butter, $25
Kokum Butter, size and price vary
Lip Butter, $5 shown in pink)

To purchase visit their site at The Skin Creamery and also visit FIDO FIXERS to learn more about SAVING Fido and donating in other ways!

AND local friends/readers....if you're visiting New Canaan, Connecticut this Monday, July 20th, stop into GO FIGUREimagewhere you can sample and buy products from the line and while you're there take a class from the best Barre Class in town for a double beauty benefit, actually triple, because don't forget you are saving animals!



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