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Face-Lifting Brows

September 13th, 2006


The Brows ‘Uplifting’ Benefit

imageFall calls for a sexier, thicker, fuller brow look. Must you follow the trend... that's up to you. However, you might consider a thicker brow due to its face-lifting impression and thicker brows help you look younger too.

My Beautyberry enlisted the help of brow expert Sania Vucetaj of Sania's Brow in New York City to give us some helpful tips.

Prep: Always clean the skin around the brow and avoid applying moisturizer in this area on a daily basis. This will prevent ingrown hairs and clogged pores.

Decide shape: Color in the right shape with a darker powder, and tweeze anything obviously out of the shape.

Color brows: The brows should never be lighter than the hair; this dulls the face, but can be up to two shades darker.

imageFill brows: Pick a pencil a shade lighter than the hair on your head; otherwise, it will be too dark for your brows. Use short, light strokes to fill gaps and extend the outer ends just beyond the eyes.

Fuller means younger: Fuller, more natural brows give a more youthful look...well-shaped brows can open up your face, bring out your bone structure, and make eyes seem bigger than they really are. The fuller the brows, the more "arch" and lift you can create, adding more definition to the eyes and face.
Threading, tweezing, or waxing?: Did you know that waxing stretches the skin, and the eye area is known to be the thinnest skin in the whole body! Threading is a better substitute, but tweezing offers the most precise shape.

Sania's secret: "The biggest mistake is waxing... women don't realize that waxing pulls the skin. This is the first place to sag when we age. Help slow down the aging process and avoid tugging in this area."

Turn heads and raise eyebrows with these products and cool tools.

imageRejuvenate hair follicles that have been plucked too much with Billion Dollar Brows system. The star product is Brow Boost that uses a combination of saw palmetto, soy protein and biotin to coax sparse brows to thicker regrowth. Also, do not touch your brows for two to three months--- Let it grow. Let it grow. Let it grow.

Tip: A brow gel is great to keep them in place and looking well groomed.

imageThe Eyebrowz Kit by Modelco, $26, has all the equipment the pros use: precision-slanted tweezers, grooming wand, a brow wax and powder duo, plus their infamous brow stencils to get the shape like the pros.

Tweeze with ease. To help make plucking your brows easier, try tweezers that have a light at its tip and a magnifying glass to spotlight every stray. Luma Tweeze, offers a light and magnifer in-one.

My Beautyberry advice... even if you want to be in control of your own brows, it is extremely helpful to seek out a professional to get you started. Once the shape is set, maintaining the brows comes easily with less room for haphazardly plucking away.

And remember, "If your brows are a mess, you're not looking your best!"

To contact Sania @ Sania's Brow Bar please call 212-247-1129.


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