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Did You Have Your Hydrosol Today?

February 14th, 2007


Fragrance has gone drinkable and edible.

Fragrance is the latest beauty product to mix "nutrition" in the ingredient menu. Hydrosols offer this entirely new experience in and array of distilled waters.

imageWhat is a Hydrosol?

It is the aromatic water that remains after botanicals are steam distilled. These waters contain small amounts of the essential oil. Hydrosols are clear and look just like water. Aftelier Hydrosols, a famous natural perfumer line, offer wonderful mixes like Cape Chamomile which is a relaxing scent mixed with a sweet musky wine, Cucumber, the most popular, is a cool crisp green flavor, Lime a refreshing lift with a citrus aroma and flavor, plus many more to choose from and new one's being introduced all the time.

Hydrosols have many uses and can be mixed in skin creams, in drinks (even alcoholic beverages like Martinis!), and even in food.

imageHere are some ways you can use Hydrosols...

~ The most popular use is to add a few drops to your drinking water for added wellness benefits. Plus it taste so good it will keep you drinking more.
~ A few drops in warm water at bedtime will help you relax and unwind.
~ Create many different face spritzers to freshen the skin.
~ Add to your favorite skin cream as an aromatic experience.
~ Mist a room to freshen and purify the air.

... and the list goes on and on and beyond beauty too. These pure aromatics and flavors can be added to a variety of dishes to make food that taste ordinary, taste extraordinary.

Mandy Aftel, a Natural Perfumer and one of the creators of Aftelier Hydrosols, has a very strong passion in using the "highest quality of ingredients" combined with all things natural and pure. Ms. Aftel's Natural Perfumery line reflects this strong belief and concentrates on "the art of creating fragrances to capture an individual and personal experience."

Aftelier Natural Fragrances and Hydrosols can be purchased at Henri Bendel, NYC or on the site at Aftelier Perfumes.


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