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Caribbean Splash

July 15th, 2009


A secluded, unspoiled island retreat.

Surrounded by deep turquoise waters and bathed in perpetual sunshine; Anguilla is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever visited. In fact, I have been back there three times, each being more beautiful than the previous.

imageOn this most recent trip, I took my family to the lovely Malliouhana Hotel & Spa, now celebrating 25 years. There are no radios or televisions in the rooms- my family gasped at hearing this; and I assured them they will survive.

The charm and wonder of this resort lies on the beauty of the surroundings, the incomparable beaches, and the South of France-inspired cliffs. This is not a vacation spot for golfers or for those seeking luxurious facilities with 'many' activities. It is for those seeking the ultimate in beauty.

imageThere is a special place for honeymooners to nest in a romantic setting. While couples and families can reconnect on secluded strands of beach called Turtle Cove and Meads Bay. You just need to plop down and savor the beauty and tranquility of private time... time often forgotten, thanks to the hustle and bustle of our world. And when discovering shells becomes tiresome for the kids, they can venture over to the waterpark equipped with a pool, pirate ship and slide to amuse them until the sun goes down, literally!

Dining is divine and you can experience a savory taste of French/Caribbean cuisine from one of the finest menus on the island... Michel Rostang at Malliouhana. But don't worry, children can still stick to the basics and be happily fed. Jacques Borderon, a top connoisseur of all things food and drink related, shares his love of finding the best foods and most in-season fruits and vegetables, even if it means he ships it direct from France.

imageAlways finding time for a little pampering, I escaped to the Spa for an Ocean Dream massage. The Spa is nestled in an open-air setting complete with private rooms. My service combined heated basalt stones on the back with a full-body massage that easily put me into relaxation bliss. It ended with an aromatic scalp massage, which only sedated me even more. The warm stones help remove toxins from the muscles, relieve stress, depression, stiff joints and promote deep relaxation. It was amazing how I experienced this release... congestion and sneezing became evident afterwards and throughout the night, but by morning relief was uplifted by a sense of clearing and invigoration.

At the Spa Boutique, I noticed a familiar line...Bath Bloomers. It is a premium bath line that travels the world and is a staple at only top-notch spas. The line enlists some wonderful home treatments. We've tied in a grand giveaway below, don't miss it!

Winding down on our trip, we took full advantage of Malliouhana's numerous comfortable lounges and several thatched shelters that offered respite from the bright Caribbean sun. Wimbledon could be watched on a grand plasma screen TV, and chess and checkers in the library delighted my boys who rounded up family tournaments. My youngest son being crowned the 'Chess Champion'.

Bart van Deventer, the charming and most gracious 'host' of Malliouhana-really, the hard working Resort Manager, takes pride in Malliouhana's commitment and thanks the resort's success to the 'genuine, real care that goes into the hotel coupled with the strength of its people keeping it a paramount retreat over the past 25-years.'

When you have beauty that is as close to paradise as one gets, this 'ocean oasis' just needs to continue to provide and service their customers and that is exactly what Malliouhana delivers.


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