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#BeautyEditorLook (#BEL)

July 29th, 2014


The reality to effortless chic.

Move over #NoMakeuplook there’s a new hashtag sweeping the social media network, and it’s being honest. Let’s face it, women always want that effortless look, but reality is, it takes effort. Beauty Editors don’t pretend, they live it, they admit it, and they work at it. They know what’s ‘IN’ a year before a trend hits the pages of a magazine or months before a product hits the shelves, yet their look is always classic, effortless, and chic. While many women turn to celebrities to find out what’s hot and what’s not, I prefer to look at the beauty editor elite, and it comes with much irony. Have you ever noticed how many beauty editors refuse to embellish their faces? Nails? Lips? And, I will raise my hand to this one, as I am proud to be part of this #beautyeditorlook, and also, solemnly swear that as much as I enjoy reporting on eccentric nails being dazzled in glitter and color or the elaborate eye liner performing cat tricks, I still wear Essie’s Mademoiselle on my tips and I am most intrigued on how to achieve Dick Page’s, Caribbean Glow or Diane Kendal’s (as seen below), ‘effortless runway look’ (both reputable industry makeup artist). Or, as, ‘beauty editor friend’, Mary Clarke points out, “Yes, we love playing with the new products that land on our desks, but the really wild makeup colors are only worn swatched on the backs of our hands or inside our wrists—not on our faces.”
I think the truth is more and more women are envying those who just get it right, the way Beauty Editors’ always did and still do today. It’s classic, it's real, effortless and very achievable.

As Mary Clarke- my #beautyeditorlook advocate- says, "Natural makeup doesn’t mean no makeup nor does it imply a product-free face. Au contraire! One could be wearing two or three layers of skincare beneath a few strategic swipes of, say, concealer and bronzing powder."

Now the question: How does one mirror this beautiful #beautyeditorlook--- they always radiate, glow and look ‘makeunder’ gorgeous and more real than the #nomakeup look without a high price tag.

I turned back time, before Beauty Bloggers existed, when Beauty Editors didn’t tweet and promote themselves on social media, and picked a few of my all-time favorite trendsetters to share their tips, but first I turned to Tina Turnbow, a favorite makeup artist to the editors (below seen with Taylor Schilling, from Orange is the New Black).
Tina Turnbow agrees, “I am a firm believer in less is more---- At any age, really! I love seeing skin and am not a fan of mask-like makeup. So good skin care is crucial to help with the need for less makeup.”

Tina’s Skin-Glowing Tip:
image- I love a good moisturizer and I always give the skin a massage to get circulation going. Also, the key to let the skin shine through is to spot conceal only in areas that need it and be sure to include a brightening serum--- I love Colbert MD Tone Control Facial Discs and Tata Harper Brightening Serum.

Tina’s Insider Secret:
- I always leave the tops of the cheekbones dewy--- I am selective about where I put powder to the skin to keep it remaining luminescent.
Tina’s Favorite Way to Blush:
- I like cream or stain blushes the most. I love Tarte Cheek Stains --- Fearless is so pretty.

The biggest mystery I will share is how my favorite Beauty Editors stay looking fully glamorous without a scarlet lip; bright, bold nail designs or hair extensions. It’s all about skin, application and subtlety. Read their secrets and learn how you can get a similar head-turning #beautyeditorlook.

imageMeet Jean Godfrey June, Beauty Editor Executive of Lucky Magazine. Always in style, and the epitome of a ‘natural looking beauty’, she shares, “There isn't a single key product. Skincare makes a huge difference--prescription Tazorac, Intelligent Nutrients face oil, and Josie Maran or John Masters non-chemical SPF are essential. Then- since it’s summer- Lancôme Flash Bronzer for legs self tanner, Bobbi Brown The Balm tinted moisturizer, and Laura Mercier Secret concealer. That's the formula!!”
Jean’s BEST TIP too looking natural came from Laura Mercier: Pat, don't rub your concealer. When you rub, you move the concealer away from what you're trying to cover and onto a different part of your face, so you end up applying more and looking crazy. Dab concealer on with a brush ONLY where you want to cover, then pat lightly-- it'll seem like it won't blend and then suddenly it'll be blended, perfectly.

imageMeet Mary Clarke, an ageless beauty, who is always fashionable and chic. She is the Executive Editor at Bridal Guide magazine, but to me she is best known as the ‘Dear Beauty Editor to teens’. She started delivering the news to this beauty-obsessed audience with the launch of Sassy Magazine.

She compares the #beautyeditorlook similarly to the legendary Grace Coddington, “Beauty Editors have always worn low-key makeup in the same spirit that, say, fashion people like Grace Coddington tend to choose simple pieces like pure white shirts and black trousers.” In essence, Mary too has her ‘classic beauty pieces’ and shares them with us below.

Mary’s Must-Haves:
image- I love watery “essence” lotions, which I always use to prep my skin. One of the best and least expensive can be found at Muji (Light Toning Water Moist). This watery lotion AKA essence has long been a fixture in Asian skin care. As someone who fears the clogging of the pores, I can attest to the popularity of these lightweight potions. They leave skin feeling fresh, dewy and clean.

image- To keep the look sophisticated,for lips, Mary looks to "Something lip-colored or lighter, usually a gloss or sheer formula. I’ve been working with a bunch of great shades from Sonia Kashuk.” [Sonia Kashuk Lip Colour has the perfect lineup with shade names like Barely Nude, Nudey Nude and Pinky Beige- Mary’s fave is Sonia’s Shine Luxe Sheer Lip Colour in Sheer Seashell.]

- Mary’s Secret TIP: I apply foundation or concealer sparingly- that’s the key. I just dab it on under the eyes, across the bridge of the nose and cheekbones.

Insider Scoop: "Any beauty product with the word “veil” has particular resonance for this wedding-magazine editor. Clé de Peau Sheer Fluid Veil SPF21 is a pre-makeup serum to illuminate and protect skin while it absorbs perspiration and helps makeup last longer, all with an SPF 21 in a non-clogging silky formula. It does not, repeat does not have that oily sunscreen feel, which for me is a game-changer."

imageMeet Andrea Pomerantz Lustig. With a decade of beauty experience, she worked for 10-years as Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Editor, started-up’s Beauty Blog and most recently author of How to Look Expensive. Andrea never goes out of style! Always beautiful and posh, she offers some tips to achieving a #beautyeditorlook. Andrea believes, “You should look like yourself, only better!

No matter what your age, every woman can learn something from my Four Rules of Modern Makeup:

1) Makeup should enhance instead of hide. Focus on highlighting your features , rather than covering up your flaws.
2) Less is More. What you leave off is just as important as what you put on.
3) Makeup should never overpower your features. Your eye shadow, for example, should enhance your eyes, not distract from them.
4) Color cosmetics should look like they come from within your skin, not like they are sitting on top!

Andrea believes you can look effortless in 5-mins with this product mix: Youngblood Cosmetics Mineral Radiance Creme Powder Foundation Eye-Mazing Liquid Liner Pens. She says, “These are two essentials, because the foundation is super easy to apply and blends effortlessly into skin and these liners look very natural and are simple to use. "

Andrea’s Must-have nail shade, which is the quintessential updated version of Ballet Slippers, is Jin Soon Polish in Nostalgia. “Its neutral pinky beige color makes my nails blend into my hands giving me a graceful effect.

Andrea’s Beauty CLASSICS:
image- Nars The Multiple Stick in Orgasm, because it gives me a flush like no other--- it's like prozac for your cheeks!
- Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara in Jet Black, is a tubing mascara, which means no scrubbing delicate eye area skin! I've been using it for years and plan on many more.

So after reading these tips, tricks and product mixes, the truth of the matter: it takes time and good skin to capture this coveted #beautyeditorlook. It doesn’t happen overnight, you MUST work at it. And after much thought, how do you think Bobbi Brown Cosmetics came to fruition? She became makeup artist to the stars by introducing a palette of natural lipstick hues, and I personally feel those ‘stars’ could have been her beauty editor friends. #tbeautyeditorlook #BEL #justsaying #myopinion #truthbetold.


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