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March 21st, 2013

Imagine having a small bundle of beauty, personalized to your skin, hair and cosmetic needs delivered to you on a monthly basis, and all for only $10 per month.

Ingenious idea! And fortunately for us, a company by the name of, is up and delivering these glam boxes right to our doors. It is their way of allowing us access to the newest and cult-fave products from high-end beauty, lifestyle and grooming brands.

For $10 a month, members receive deluxe samples tailored to meet their beauty profile they filled out. Inside each box, tucked away under colorful tissue paper is a selection for hair, skin, body and cosmetics plus a fancy lifestyle extra.

And if you LOVE a product, it won’t be difficult to find, since all the products are highlighted on in full sizes for easy member purchases.

Great concept, worth the cost and who doesn’t love a beauty surprise!


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