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October 10th, 2007


A few tips that will ‘raise an eyebrow’.

The brow is still a strong focal point and continues to stay that way into spring. Let's face it brows have a huge impact on your appearance. A well-groomed brow makes you look polished and pulled-together even sans makeup.

imageMy Beautyberry asked our favorite brow specialist- Sania Vucetaj- to discuss a few brow-worthy tips.

MBB: You prefer to only tweeze, never wax. Why is tweezing so important to you?
Sania: Tweezing is the most precise method of brow shaping. Waxing doesn't offer you as 'great precision' plus waxing pulls and tugs the delicate eye area which over time can cause wrinkles.

imageMBB: The arch is extremely important as it gives a 'lifting effect'. How do you determine where the arch should be?
Sania: The arch should be as far back as you can get it. The further out it goes; the more it lifts your eye.

MBB: What is the best advice you give your clients?
Sania: Never, ever stray to get a cleanup. Even if you are desperate and can't get to your regular appointment, don't walk off the street to someone you think might be good. Especially to someone who doesn't specialize in eyebrows---MBB input, "You wouldn't go to a brow specialist for a facial, correct?" All it takes is two minutes to ruin the shape of your eyebrows and anywhere from two months to two years to fix it.

MBB: What is the best at-home tip?
Sania: Brows look better fuller and overgrown than too clean or too thin. So if you can't get to see your brow person, be patient and wait or during the interim remove the stray hairs yourself without upsetting the eyebrow shape.

imageMBB: As we get older, a few of us may experience some gray hairs that pop-up on the brow. Should you just pluck them out?
Sania: If it's just one, yes you can pull it. If it's more than one, don't pull them or else you will get bare spots on the brow. Instead, try masking it using one of these techniques. Use your eyebrow pencil followed with by a matching powder to color it. Or simply us a colored mascara and go over the gray hairs.

imageSania's favorite pencil is Paul and Joe's Eyebrow Pencil. This dual-ended pencil helps you perfectly define brows, as it gives you the choice of blending the two hues together or using either one alone. Another good dual-ended one to try is Lancome's Le Crayon Poudre Powder Pencil. At one end: a powder pencil to colour-correct and contour. At the other: a handy brush to blend and groom for soft, subtly defined brows.

Sania's Brow Bar, 18 West 56th Street, Suite 9, New York, NY, 212-247-1129


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