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An Arch Enemy

April 11th, 2013


Don’t let your brows age you.

For the past week, I've noticed- or so I thought- an ever slight bald spot on my inner brow area. This would be particularly obvious to me, because thankfully I do have full brows. Yes, it bothered me, but I didn’t scrutinize in the mirror over this loss. Instead, I would put a swipe of lash growth, like Marini Lash Eyelash Conditioner, on the area and hope within a month’s time I would have a little “chia pet” action.

Everyone scrutinizes their facial parts differently; I choose to be on guard for every new wrinkle so I can combat it with a dose of heavy ancillary like Renova.

But here is the funny part, one night after I took my contacts out I got up close and personal in the mirror and noticed my eyes were deceiving me now too. I did not have a bald spot; I became a victim of a white hair on my brow creating what I thought to be a missing hair spot. I am not sure which is worse, a white hair or no hair since once that white hair is there I am doomed. Can I tweeze it? I asked the expert Sania from Sania’s Brow Bar in NYC, and she said, “ NEVER, NEVER do this if you have more than two or three or if the they are bunched together in one area. However, if it is one chances are it will bother you and overwhelm your self-confidence so go ahead tweeze it and be sure to just get that one hair. If you begin to get many, definitely opt for a pencil liner to color the hairs or begin using a hair dye safe for the eyebrow area.”

As for what I decided, haven’t plucked it yet, I’ve been shading it with Sania’s wonderful new pencil, the Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil, that is so easy to use. I have not chosenn to color it monthly with left over Root Touch-up. By doing this I will be shifting the color of my brows and bad enough I now need to keep up the color on my head, I don’t want this added burden for my brows. Do you see where I am going with this? Only another beauty to-do and lately I am feeling this list is getting longer in the war against aging.

As age is becoming increasingly prominent on my mind, I do admit to loving the confidence it brings, but honestly when it comes to beauty I find it still unsettling to find these new unwanted discoveries. I am not vain, or maybe I am, but I still like to look good and do my best to do so. I am not embracing middle-age with open arms. Similarly to the half-empty glass theory, I am only halfway there with accepting age.

Back to the brows: Some other good choices for covering up are visiting the Kevin Aucoin beauty counter during April 8th thru 24th where a special promotion is going on for brows and ask for a how-to with their fabulous brow stylist, Sabria at the Bergdorf Goodman's in NYC, where she will show you the Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil (Tell her My Beautyberry sent you) and Benefit’s Brow Zings offers powder and brushes for a quick fix.


- Back.

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