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A New Day Dawning

October 14th, 2009


Fight the winter wake-up blues. 

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who spring out of bed, ready to face the day and those who roll over only convincing themselves they have another minute or two, or three, etc.

Even if you are chipper in the morning, right about now is when October affective disorder sets in and darkness glooms outside at 6:00 AM. You might prefer to keep those toasty toesies intact, warm and snuggly under those sheets.

imagePrescribe yourself a dose of Philips. This reputable health and well-being company creates a light that gradually increases its intensity 30 minutes before wake up time.

Philips Wake-up Light is a stroke of incandescent genius. It stimulates a natural sunrise, perfect for sun-deprived worshippers. For a Wi-Fi pick-me-up, turn on your iPod from a conveniently located Dock, and choose from 20 different brightening settings.

Now when it's time for you to sleep, just press a button to start the dusk simulation, which drifts you to sleep by naturally dimming the light and sound. No counting sheep or relaxation exercises needed. We promise.

After all, the best part of waking up (or going to sleep) is Philips on your nightstand.

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