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A Midlife Motivator

January 30th, 2008


A stylish book ‘nabbing’ notoriety.

imageSince launching How Not To Look Old, Charla Krupp, has shared her well verse secrets on style and beauty to help create a young hip look--- or as Charla says in her book, Y&H. This anti-aging activist has taken a new twist on age appeal. She's tired of reading 'embrace older age' and 'grow old gracefully'. Charla chooses reverse psychology over these proverbial cliches and rather boosts age-confidence with tips to looking younger, almost immediately!


Five minutes with author Charla Krupp.

Here, My Beautyberry spends five minutes with the reputable style maven and discovers a few secrets to her success on looking her best.

About Charla...
MBB: What has been your biggest beauty indulgence?
Charla: Good question! $68 for Cle de Peau concealer (available at Neiman Marcus) ...but it lasts two years.

MBB: What's the most treasured item in your beauty drawer?
Charla: I love the Shiseido Fine Liner liquid eye liner pencil. I never thought I would use liquid liner, but this is goof-proof.

MBB: What is one of the best kept tips you learned from a makeup artist?
Charla: In my book, Nick Barose tells this tip that he learned from Kim Catrall: don't line your lips all around...just where you need it.

imageMBB: What is one of your most favorite under $30 anti-aging products?
Charla: Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer SPF 15 is one of my top picks. I love its mousse-like texture and the formula not only moisturizes, but it also fights age spots and wrinkles.

MBB: What is the one beauty product you never travel without?
Charla: Pink lipstick... I have at least five in my bag... lip glosses, lip plumpers, lip liners, too.

About the book...
MBB: Women might pick up the book and feel it is more about vanity than empowerment? How can you assure them this isn't the case?
Charla: Women who say that my book is unfeminist have not read my book. It is the ultimate feminist statement to look great and beat our youth-obsessed system and culture by not looking old. I am giving women all the secrets and information they need to control their own destinies and ensure their career longevity and personal viability. It's not just about getting a hot date. It's about financial survival. And that is empowerment!!

imageMBB: What are the top 3 beauty changes that would help you look 10 years younger?
Charla: 1. Put on pink lipstick... I love Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in Rose Sand. It's a classic, shimmery baby pink. 2. Lighten your hair (but don't go gray) or Add face-framing highlights. 3. Wear sexy heels... Here's a secret, celebs such as Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross, as well as many high-heeled fashionistas, swear by the various chic padding options made by Foot Petals.

MBB: If one chooses not to go under the knife or needle, what is another option to consider in the fight against wrinkles?
Charla: Commit to a simple skin care program that will help you maintain healthy skin and slow down the aging process. I recommend a five-step program: cleanse, exfoliate, restore (with antioxidants), moisturize and protect (with SPF). Remember that the best things you can do for your skin require the least amount of time and money: use sunscreen and don't smoke.

These great tips, tricks and secrets don't stop here! For more info, see Charla's website:


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